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How many times have you poured out too much paint when you just needed a little? How many times have you scraped off your palette or thrown away dried paint and it breaks your heart a little at a time? How many times have you squeezed your paint out from the tube and know that there is NO WAY you are going to get that back in the tube with out making a horrible mess and that is even if YOU CAN! OK–OK– I know you get it…But it is one of my pet peeves and when I am not thinking and do it I end up getting so mad at myself SO what I have been doing for years is (UNLESS FIBRO FOG HITS OR NOT THINKING! LOL) is I shake up the craft paints that come in the bottles and open cap and use paint from there and the tip where it comes out from. You would be surprised how much paint you get that way and when you need a bit more you close the lid and shake again! And for the tube paints I give a small squeeze before opening it and take from the little hole dispenser and the lid and do it again if I need more. You may have seen me doing this in my videos or mentioning this a few times because it saves you so much paint!

I hate wasting any craft supply-and if I can find a way to save it or make it last longer — I will! Hope you use this tip and see how it does work and you have your paint last longer for more great projects!!!!