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Owl Statue for my garden

UGH- This is my last month on the Amazing Mold Putty Design team. I am a bit sad. I really do love this product and will miss the team. I will however, continue to use the resin and AMP because it is one of my favorite craft supplies as I say all the time!
For my last project I molded an Owl I got for Halloween. I am on of those people who have Halloween and odd things sit around the house all year ON PURPOSE! I molded just the owl off of the piece so i can then add it to a base and put it in my garden. As you can see I painted it bright colors to add to the garden of vegetables and flowers and I love having these things set around my flower beds and such. One of my first AMP projects I did was a statue I got from the dollar store so I could use it outside for the same reason!
What I did first was molded the owl. I did not mold the bottom part as I knew I wanted to attach it to a few branches from outside. (THERE IS MY ADORABLE BABY SPYRO JAMES WALKING AROUND…I COULD NOT EDIT HIM OUT!)
Once it set I then mixed my Resin and added a bit of silver to it. I wanted to see if I wanted to keep it silver or paint it.

Once it cured I decided I wanted it bright so I painted (which AMP takes paint wonderfully)the owl bright green, added iridescent blue eyes, pupils, a beak and dry brushed a darker green all over it. Now I need to do a clear coat on it and paint a wooden heart I got from the craft store and glue this to it and set it out in the garden. I LOVE IT!

I want to thank Terri Sproul and the AMP Design Team and the company itself for Blessing me with this opportunity to be on your Design Team for a year! It is by far one of my favorite products and things I have done!

And one last thing…I have also been Blessed to have my Octopus now on the Amazing Mold Putty and Casting Resin Boxes! Thank you!