Mixed Media Angel on Wood

I love Art! I love looking at it and making it as much as I love helping others in their art journey. I am very Blessed to be able to “work” on youtube and teach others to create in such a way that it can help them in times of emotional need. I was told […]


Two words that have great meanings separately but together…are so powerful! It has been a very hard month for me. Actually this is the second worse month of the year for me, the first being December. That is the month my son committed suicide. He was 19. This year on May 29, he would of […]

Mixed Media On Muslin

I love doing Mixed Media on so many different surfaces. I like to show other Artists that you don’t have to be stuck by not having canvas or the normal to do Art. I took a piece of thick Muslin and ripped some stitches from all sides to give it the raggedy look and then […]

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