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Friends who mean the world to me……….

As I continue to post on my blog the projects I do and all….I am going to add in friends and their pages and people who mean so very much to me. It isn’t much but it is my love out to the universe for them and their business and great friendship.
Today is Suicide Awareness Day. I considered doing a post about my son who killed himself Dec of 2010. He was 19 and is greatly mourned and missed daily. He was Bipolar and Manic and I hate saying that as if people can’t live with it. They can and do it successfully with the right medicines and help.
But I have a friend who I have been friends with for years. I can’t tell you how long it has been–We have never met in person but know each other as if we lived with each other. It is a relationship like with many I have met on here a immediate connection was made as was never tested or lost. She is very important to me and knows the struggles I have had with my son-because she suffers from the same thing as my son did.
She crochets and makes jewelry too. She made a wire Suicide Awareness Necklace And a portion of her proceeds goes to American Foundation for Suicide prevention.
She has many others supporting other causes and will make them for you! SO please check out her page and check out the stuff she has for sale!!!!! All kinds of stuff…AND if you are a BLUE OCTOBER fan like her and I are……She has tons of stuff that she makes to wear…….AND ROCK OUT!
She is so wonderful and such a wonderful Mom and Wife and Friend and SIS*STAR anyone could ever want! SO head to her Web Page at Http://craftyscorner.com and check her out there too!