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ReUse and Recycling a box into a Pencil Caddy

Hey Guys!! Its been a minute since I have done a blog post but I am determined to do one or two a week starting….. NOW!  I have been upcycling-recycling and everything in between lately and this project is one that came out of necessity.

I have more pens. paint brushes, pencils etc… than one person should ever need and they are all over my art room. As I was cleaning up my art room I found a box that was screaming at me to reuse it and thats what I did!  

First I reinforced it with duct tape and folded the tops down to make sure it could hold my massive collection.


Then I used the DELICIOUS Folk Art Coastal Texture Paint in High Tide. It is a textured paint and I LOVE it! One coat and it went on glossy duct tape easily! I am going to add some dividers for some “organization”.

I am so happy with how it came out I will be doing another one for more of my supplies.

Check your local art and crafts store or the http://plaidonline.com and for 60.00 or more use the code MAY2017 to get 25% off AND FREE shipping!! I cant wait to use these paints again! I have so many ideas!


Plaid Friday and New Schedule

Hi Guys! Hope this finds you all well after the BIG Election results! Whether we agree or not on who won, I hope we can all come together and continue to make our country great. My family and I have been fighting upper respiratory infections for weeks and I am so ready to feel well again.

I have decided to change up my YouTube videos and posts a bit so it is more streamlined and that I can keep up with a bit better so I am going to do art videos on Monday-Wednesday and Fridays and if I am able I will Vlog in between. Fridays will be my Plaid Fridays where I will be sharing all of their wonderful products and different projects using them.

Today’s Project is a wall hanging using a Paper Mache Deer Head, Folkart Painted Finishes in Dark Concrete and Light Concrete, a bit of Light Moss and mounting it on a piece of textured metal. I love mixing old and new looking items to make a art piece and I cant wait to give this to my husband for his office!

Below are the steps I used to make the wall hanging and believe it or not it didn’t take long at all! You can use MANY different substrates with the Painted Finishes (even cardboard!) and at the end of my post I have my YouTube video showing how I did this project.


Shake your Dark Concrete Painted Finishes and then proceed to paint it all over the piece you are using. I used a big paint brush. You want the paint and texture to be crumbly like gravel and stone. Let dry picture-475




Once dry take light concrete in Painted Finishes and DRY BRUSH over the areas where you want it a bit lighter and some more texture and variation in color.  I also used a small bit of Light Moss in Painted Finishes to add some more texture and color.  Let Dry.



Once dry I used my Delta SOBO Premium Craft and Fabric glue and glued the deer on to the Metal I chose, and there you go–ALL DONE!!!


I absolutely LOVE how this came out! This is as close as my husband will ever get to hanging any animal head in our home! I added a wall hanger on the back and it is ready to be hung in his office. I really love these painted finishes because they can change the look of something as simple as a piece of cardboard.

picture-478You can find these and other wonderful Plaid Products at your local craft store or at https://www.plaidonline.com/

Here is the video I did for step by step instructions. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!!! Many Blessings!!




Using Collage Clay to Make a Decoden Phone Case- My Way

Hey Guys! I hope this Monday is bringing you much happiness! This weekend went by so fast, but you know I had to make some sort of Art and did I ever! I got my worn out phone case, some of my mod melts shapes and Plaids Collage Clay and went to town!! I had so much fun making this project and I have so many more ideas coming up in the future. Now, with everything I do- I do it my way- my style- but you can make this anyway you want! Research Decoden and see all the delicious different colors, patterns and styles that might suit you. This is also fun for little ones to do and for them to personalize their stuff!! I have the steps down below and as always–any questions?? Just ask!!

STEP ONE— Get your Collage Clay–Shapes or Items you want to use and your cell phone case ready




STEP TWO-Choose the tip you want and start adding your Collage Clay on your case



STEP THREE– Then start adding your pieces onto the Collage Clay



STEP FOUR-Once all of the pieces are added, let it all dry for 24 hours (or until it is completely dry)



STEP FIVE– Here is where I added my own thing- I painted the whole thing with Folkart Rose Shimmer Metallic-let that dry and then used Folkart Licorice – watered down- to add a grungy look.



STEP SIX– Once dry I then coated it with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic- Let it dry and I AM IN LOVE!!!!!

Picture 400


I really hope you try this! Here is a video of me playing with the Mod Melter and making these mod melt pieces– And as Always Please Be Kind to Each other-You never know what Battle somebody is fighting!!!!!