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Take old mail or papers and rip into pieces and put into a blender. Then add very warm water (watch when you blend that the lid does not fall off due to steam from water so leave the lid cracked a bit while holding it down) and then blend. (THIS is how you would make your own paper! You could now add glitter, string, a bit of paint and mix a bit more and pour onto screen to make some awesome paper..I have a video of me doing that I will have to find or redo one!)
Strain the mix from blender into fine strainer to get out as much water as you can and use your hands to get excess water out. SQUEEZE!!!!!!
1 Cup of paper pulp (once squeezed) and about 1/4 cup of flour depending on how wet your paper pulp is. Knead it together.
NOW–You can color it with a bit of paint or add glitter or whatever you want. I sometimes will add watered down white glue…just 1/8 of a cup to help it stick but its not necessary.
This is great for young children and can be put in molds or you can sculpt with it.
The smoother you want the clay…the longer you leave it soak in the water and blend it a bit longer!! It is a lot of fun!!!!
Check out my Creative paper Clay video and some fun things to do with it!!