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Making your own Almond Milk

I have changed the way I have been eating for the past few months. Due to my stage 4 kidney disease-and being so close to stage 5-I didn’t have a choice. I used to love milk until it chose not to love me back-so I started drinking almond milk. Now I try to buy as organic as I can afford to. Due to me wanting to know more of where and what is in my food- I started making my own Almond Milk. It is so much simpler than I ever imagined and actually tastes a lot better than store bought. So I hope if you have tried it in the past-that you will try making it and change your mind about it. (i will be posting recipes for my rice and cashew milk soon)

RAW Almond Milk
1 cup raw organic almonds
4-5 cups of filtered water
These are optional depending on your taste
2-3 tbs of Raw Organic honey or soaked dates (2-3)
a pinch of salt

Soak your almonds over night in filtered water- make sure all of the almonds are covered in the bowl

Drain your almonds and add them to your blender
Add in 4-5 cups of water-depending on how thick or thin you want your milk to be
THEN Blend it up for 3-4 minutes (more depending on your blender)

Strain the pulp out of the liquid using a cheese cloth-nut bag or fine mesh strainer BUT SAVE the liquid as THAT is your almond milk-I store the milk in a container in the fridge for up to 5 days.

NOW the Pulp IS Delicious!!! you can put it in your dehydrator (use the fine sheet that came with your dehydrator) and once it is dry you can use it in cereals or yogurts AND even grind it up for almond flour!!!
NOTHING goes to waste and it is so delicious!!!!!