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ReUse and Recycling a box into a Pencil Caddy

Hey Guys!! Its been a minute since I have done a blog post but I am determined to do one or two a week starting….. NOW!  I have been upcycling-recycling and everything in between lately and this project is one that came out of necessity.

I have more pens. paint brushes, pencils etc… than one person should ever need and they are all over my art room. As I was cleaning up my art room I found a box that was screaming at me to reuse it and thats what I did!  

First I reinforced it with duct tape and folded the tops down to make sure it could hold my massive collection.


Then I used the DELICIOUS Folk Art Coastal Texture Paint in High Tide. It is a textured paint and I LOVE it! One coat and it went on glossy duct tape easily! I am going to add some dividers for some “organization”.

I am so happy with how it came out I will be doing another one for more of my supplies.

Check your local art and crafts store or the http://plaidonline.com and for 60.00 or more use the code MAY2017 to get 25% off AND FREE shipping!! I cant wait to use these paints again! I have so many ideas!



HI Guys!! Another week gone and I have no idea where the days went! Thanksgiving is right around the corner for us in the USA and then holidays will be in full effect. I don’t know how I feel about that.

One thing is for sure I will be crafting my butt off the next few weeks. One of my favorite things to make is Grungy/Vintage looking things. If its old, beat up and marked up-Im all in! So this week I decided to show how to image transfer using an ink jet printer and Mod Podge.  You can really vary the tattered look depending on how much paper you remove and as you will see… I made a mistake-and I kept going with the attitude of I meant to do that!!

Below is the result of the transfer and the video I did showing how its done. I would love to know your thoughts on this procedure and if you try it PLEASE tag me because I would love to see it. If you are not already subscribed to my Youtube Channel – please subscribe- I put up new videos every Monday-Wednesday- and Friday.





Making a Bag with a Tshirt and Fabric Creations from Plaid

Hey Guys!!! I hope you all are well and doing what makes you happy. I have been crafting away and really enjoying embroidery lately. I love taking it to my Dr. appointments to pass the time and keep me busy while in the waiting rooms–waiting and waiting lol. The plastic grocery bag I have been using is now showing holes from all of the traffic taking it in and out of the car and appointments and such. So, I got a small white t-shirt, my Fabric Creation Fabric Ink and Stamps and had a blast making myself a bag. Here are the step by step instructions if you want to create one of your very own.
STEP ONE– Gather all of your supplies to make your bag. I have a Tshirt in the size and color you want your bag to be, I have a small Hanes Tshirt from the craft store (it is suggested to wash it first) and all my Plaid Fabric Creations Ink and supplies
STEP TWO- Take your T-shirt and fold it in half so the sleeves are lined up and cut the sleeves off of your shirt. Then do the same thing with the neck hole-make sure to cut on the left hand side of the stitches.  picture-416




STEP THREE- Cut strips on the bottom of shirt for fringe-about 2-3 inches and then tie together the back strip to the front strip – the tighter you tie and pull the more gathered it will become. At this point you can decide whether you want your bag to have fringe or not. If you do not want fringe then just tie these and turn the bag inside out.


picture-419picture-420STEP FOUR- Insert the fabric board into the t-shirt where you want to place your first stamp print. I like to use a ruler to help me stamp straight and to get all my supplies ready so I can just stamp away! I am going to use 3 colors in this pattern-nude, aqua and tangerine as well as my fabric sponge. picture-421

picture-423STEP FIVE- Dip your sponge in the first color of fabric ink that you want to use and stamp away!! You can see the nude was a bit too light for this project but I like it and it is perfect for me to use this bag for my embroidery, so I don’t mind. Once it is done follow the manufactures directions and then you are good to go! I added a photo of how it looks when finished and I left the fringe on the outside.





TIPS AND TRICKS- Think outside the box when making this by adding all 3 colors to add some dimension on your fabric, or by turning your stamp the opposite way.

picture-426picture-427You can make the bottom much more secure if you not only tie the front and back pieces together but by taking one piece of the one side and tying that with the next piece to close more of the gaps.

picture-428picture-430picture-429picture-431I will  definitely be making more projects with this awesome product line! I have so many more things written down to try! These can be used in so many ways and I am so excited to start my next project!!! Again Here is a picture of the finished bag. Please share this on all the social media platforms- I would truly appreciate that and PLEASE remember– BE KIND TO EACH OTHER-YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT BATTLE SOMEBODY ELSE MAY BE FIGHTING!