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Friend Shout out for the Week-Rhomany

In life people come in for a reason. Sometimes we don’t know why or how or what to do with that information. I had a group and through people in my group they added a woman named Klair Rhomany Scattergood aka RHO RHO to me. At first, I didn’t know her or of her and did not think much of it. But as I got to know her and the support she gave me was so selfless, i could not let this woman leave my side. You want truth? (NO — I DON’T) she is the one who will tell you flat out.
All joking aside, she is a fantastic Artist, Animal lover (Maddie) and all around fantastic person. She has awesome classes at fantastic prices and you learn everything you need to know for drawing faces of women and men and many other things. The best thing to do is to check out her page and see for yourself. She has a way to draw faces that was bizarre to me at first, until it was explained in the class and I got it. I understood how this method could actually work. AND IT DOES!
She is also an Artist in ART GEEKS with my other lovely friend Christy, who I will do a friend write up soon about. She also does a free live show WING IT WEDNESDAY and has a youtube channel and does Commissions.
When you find people who get you….truly get you and love you at your worst and stay…you have someone you would do anything for….and Rho is one of those people.
Please check out her website and classes and share them with your friends. Love you RHO RHO <3