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Baked Tofu Spring Rolls-with Veggies (RAW or COOKED)

As many of you know my family and I have started to change our way of eating. Now-we arent perfect and we might have a Saturday “cheat day” which I will talk about on my youtube video about. I have been asked to share some of the food-recipes and things we have been doing- as others want to add these things in their life as well. I have a ton of respect for those who eat completely vegan and maybe one day I will be able to do so too!
I have changed so many recipes and even desserts into fantastic weight loss recipes and more whole food recipes as well. Not everything we do or eat here is Vegan, but we have many delicious lower fat alternatives we eat and it is working really well!!!!! Let me know if you make any of these recipes and if you have any good recipes as well!


Preheat Oven to 400

1/2 half of a red-green or yellow pepper (I like red)
1 carrot
3 green onions
baby spinach -I LOVE SPINACH
sesame seeds
5-10 rice papers
1 block of extra firm Tofu
1 1/2 tbs spoons of Sriracha(or less if u dont like spicy)
2 tbs low salt soy sauce
1/2 tsp of olive oil (or any oil you like)

2 tbs low salt soy sauce
3 tbs peanut butter
1 tbs Sriracha
1 tbs chili garlic sauce ( i use and LOVE A Taste of Thai Chili Sauce – Sweet Red)
1 tbs sesame oil
1 tbs brown sugar
1 tbs sesame seeds

Mix all of your ingredients for your Peanut Sauce together and whisk until all is incorporated. Set aside–doesnt need cooked

Then I cut all the veggies into small match stick sizes–mine were a bit bigger and still worked and I cut the baby spinach as well
I marinated the Tofu in olive oil, 2 tbs of soy and 1 1/2 Sriracha for 5 min

Slice the tofu into 1 inch slices and bake at 400 for 20 min.

NOW I sauteed the veggies for 3 min to make them a bit softer for me BUT this can be eaten Raw as well..Take your rice papers and one at a time soak in hot water for 20 seconds an then lay on your cutting board (one at a time!)

After your tofu is done you will take some of your veggies and tofu and wrap into the rice wrapper. As these sit you will see the consistency change and they get much stickier-which is a GOOD thing!

Once you have them all wrapped you can steam them IF YOU CHOOSE or eat them AS IS! We ate as is and dipped into the peanut sauce which was DELICIOUS!!!!

TIPS—- You can add anything you want in these-use what you have! bean sprouts-cucumbers-broccoli THE sky is the limit!

The peanut sauce can be used for many other dishes as well and is so good so double the recipe if you want!!! You can even add garlic and fresh ginger if you want

You can buy the veggies from the salad bar already cut if you like