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I love playing around with all types of mixed media. If I had to guess I probably have 10-15 Art journals-some Moleskin and some that I made-that I have half finished or just a few pages done. Since I have been doing the challenges in Art Journal with Annie I have dug out all my journals and have been arting away. It has inspired me to get back to my roots of journaling and to practice before I get back to doing my Art and selling again. I want to feel as comfortable as I did when I was selling my work, doing commissions and people loved it and I knew I was doing the best I could do. Right now I am getting back to that but have a bit more to go. Art Journaling is such a wonderful thing to do as practice and keeping up with your skills and getting better as you do it. I get excited seeing what song is next in the group to journal to and that is a change for me as I had left my art and love of it fall to waste side for a very long time.
SO before I post my 3 videos that I have done on youtube of redoing pages in my journal that I have experimented on here is a great video of how to make your own journal by Annie called Lets’ Make a Journal: Japenese Stab Binding I am going to try this weekend to make one. I am not good at having patience so I won’t record it LMAO! Here are my 3 new videos. Please sub to my channel and share the post and videos! I really appreciate you all who support me! Many Blessings to you all!!!!!!!