My New Obsession-FolkArt Painted Finishes

Summer is here in New Jersey and I am all about decorating outside and if I can make it myself in my style all the better. Let me introduce you to my new obsession FolkArt Painted Finishes! This product is A-MA-ZING! You can turn any piece of wood, plastic, metal and a variety of other surfaces into a faux Barnwood, Concrete, Moss, and Rust finish. If you are like me I use them all together because more is never enough! These also make beautiful additions inside your home as well. Here is a video I recorded with me doing this project. I hope you enjoy it and try the painted finishes yourself.

Picture 318

Review of Copper Wire String Lights, 4.9 ft 30 LED in Cool White

I LOVE these copper wire led string LIGHTS! They are very bright for such small lights and they are so versatile and the best part is they have an on and off switch. The strings are 9 feet and you get 30 lights each string. I am an Artist and I love how these can be added to canvases to add some bling, as these do not burn hot. If I had one complaint- and its a small one- on my strings the main cord disconnects easily when you touch it. Now when I add it to my canvas and do not touch it it will stay on but it can be a slight bit finicky-but not a big deal. You can find them here and they come in a few different colors
I received these at a discount for my honest opinion.

Review of Angel Craft 6 x 12 Vinyl Review

I am an avid crafter and painter so when I received these I was so excited to see how else I could use these in my Art and Mixed Media and wow the fun I had!! First of all they work great in your electronic machines (i have a brother scan and cut) and they are just as good if you use the cutouts on glass and plastic! Here is a video of me using them and doing a couple demos with them. The colors are awesome and they are guaranteed to stick for up to 5 years! These vinyl sheets are easy to use and the package has step-by-step application instructions for applying with transfer paper and also instructions for applying without transfer paper. Yes I received these at a discount for my honest opinion and honestly======I love them!! Please watch my video review on them and see for yourself!