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  1. Hi, We wanted to get in touch with you to increase traffic on your website. Please reply back and I’ll share with you the proposal, benefits and audit report of your website. Thank you

  2. My dear lady Kelly Donovan,

    Sorry,but I’m just not that good with computers and don’t know how to
    add comments on the youtube tutorials you’re doing,
    but I just wanted to let you know that I think you are really great!

    I’m 38 years old/young…from Holland and just found you last week on my search for claystuff.
    Thank you so much for all the greatgreatgreat tutorials,I have 2 little kids and not very much time,but I’ll easily sit here and watch you doing your magic with a piece of clay for an hour

  3. Hi Kelly, I was just wondering if I could sign up for April’s ATC swap? I’ve been trying to find a group to join but none appeal to me like yours 🙂 I found out about ATC’s from your YouTube videos and I’ve been hooked. Please email and let me know. Thank you for your time.

  4. Hi Kelly,
    Just a quick message… Can you let me know what the link is to Anjies[?] You Tube site so that l can take a look and see what she is doing with her creativity?
    Many thanks keep up the great work..


  5. Hi, I have just watched a video on making your own blending fluid to use with alcohol inks. Is the rubbing fluid used straight or with water added?

    Cheers Jean

  6. great advice….I have an air tight palette keeper thing that I used when working with oils. it works quite well for acrylics. I am very wasteful when it comes to acrylics. kind of like an alcoholic…one dab good, a quarter of a tube is better. I always think I will use more than I actually do.

  7. Hi,
    You left a comment on our You Tube channel about how we should have a design team, so I thought we would get in touch to see if you had any interest in joining us. We have 13 women on our design team at the moment who work in a variety of mediums. We are also looking for artists to want to be a part of our App design team. You can read more about it on our website.

    We have 2 online shows, Polymer Clay TV & Things Crafty and have thousands of people around the world that tune into the shows. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested. Thanks!

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