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    1. slots online says:

      Hello webmaster, do you allow guest posting ?? Please let me know, i am interested :)

    2. Astrid says:

      My dear lady Kelly Donovan,

      Sorry,but I’m just not that good with computers and don’t know how to
      add comments on the youtube tutorials you’re doing,
      but I just wanted to let you know that I think you are really great!

      I’m 38 years old/young…from Holland and just found you last week on my search for claystuff.
      Thank you so much for all the greatgreatgreat tutorials,I have 2 little kids and not very much time,but I’ll easily sit here and watch you doing your magic with a piece of clay for an hour

    3. Cali Black says:

      thanks for your generosity, love your videos, I would love to see amixed media giveaway BB

    4. Vernon says:

      Finally i quit my regular job, now i earn decent money online you should try too, just
      search in google – slabs roulette system

    5. Kelly I would like to no more about your atc swap. Look for a group! Like your you tube videos. Thank you Diana

    6. Lynette Milburn says:

      Hi Kelly, I was just wondering if I could sign up for April’s ATC swap? I’ve been trying to find a group to join but none appeal to me like yours :) I found out about ATC’s from your YouTube videos and I’ve been hooked. Please email and let me know. Thank you for your time.

    7. Alan Scott says:

      Hi Kelly,
      Just a quick message… Can you let me know what the link is to Anjies[?] You Tube site so that l can take a look and see what she is doing with her creativity?
      Many thanks keep up the great work..


    8. Jean Barber says:

      Hi, I have just watched a video on making your own blending fluid to use with alcohol inks. Is the rubbing fluid used straight or with water added?

      Cheers Jean

    9. Barbara Long says:

      I would like to join the TAC Swap. Please let me know what I need to do Thanks, Barb

    10. Susan Thurman says:

      great advice….I have an air tight palette keeper thing that I used when working with oils. it works quite well for acrylics. I am very wasteful when it comes to acrylics. kind of like an alcoholic…one dab good, a quarter of a tube is better. I always think I will use more than I actually do.

    11. C.DUNFEE says:


    12. Hi,
      You left a comment on our You Tube channel about how we should have a design team, so I thought we would get in touch to see if you had any interest in joining us. We have 13 women on our design team at the moment who work in a variety of mediums. We are also looking for artists to want to be a part of our App design team. You can read more about it on our website.

      We have 2 online shows, Polymer Clay TV & Things Crafty and have thousands of people around the world that tune into the shows. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested. Thanks!

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