How to Make a Spirit Doll with Mod Podge

Hey Guys!!! Hope this finds you all doing great!! Today is a GREAT Day as today is National Mod Podge Day! Head over to the Plaid Facebook page to watch live demonstrations using all types of Mod Podge. If you missed any you can watch the replays.  I think you will be blown away by all the different types of Mod Podge there are.

Today I am using my FAVORITE Mod Podge-Mod Podge Fabric and I am going to show you how to make a beginner Spirit Doll. There are so many variations you can make and fun to do with the kids too! (Mod Podge has a KIDS WASHOUT MOD PODGE!)

I know alot of people do not have access to a sewing machine and like to have easy crafts and this could not be easier! First I cut out my pattern for my doll, which I am putting here for you to download and print out, just resize to the size you are looking for.

Then I cut out 2 pieces from  fabric, I used Muslin but you can use whatever you have. Now, I make this easy as I don’t sew them together I use the Mod Melter to glue them but if you want to sew them, Be My Guest!

You can see mine are not exactly as the pattern but that is ok as I am going to glue them with the Mod Melter and that gives me a bit of space around the edges for embellishments. If you just want to draw an oval and use that, I encourage you to do so! Make it yours!!

After I glued it together I painted it with Folk Art Ultramarine Blue and  Cascade for the inside. I drew on a face and added seed beads with Mod Podge around the outside and some of my Mod Melts in the middle. I gave it a once over with the delicious Mod Podge Sparkle to add some glitz.










To finish her I added some matching yarn for her hair and some beads and a little metallic gold paint for her eyes. There are so many ways you can embellish these and this is a great project to do with the kids too! Please go check out Plaid Crafts and their multitude of different art and crafts supplies!


If you do not have fabric, just use paper! You can still decorate it and hang it on the wall! Do not limit yourself!

Sew on beads and buttons instead of gluing them on.

Use strings of beads for a funky hair do!

Glue some string, yarn or a jump ring on the back to hang her up!

JUST DO IT!!!!! Play and Have fun!!!!




ReUse and Recycling a box into a Pencil Caddy

Hey Guys!! Its been a minute since I have done a blog post but I am determined to do one or two a week starting….. NOW!  I have been upcycling-recycling and everything in between lately and this project is one that came out of necessity.

I have more pens. paint brushes, pencils etc… than one person should ever need and they are all over my art room. As I was cleaning up my art room I found a box that was screaming at me to reuse it and thats what I did!  

First I reinforced it with duct tape and folded the tops down to make sure it could hold my massive collection.


Then I used the DELICIOUS Folk Art Coastal Texture Paint in High Tide. It is a textured paint and I LOVE it! One coat and it went on glossy duct tape easily! I am going to add some dividers for some “organization”.

I am so happy with how it came out I will be doing another one for more of my supplies.

Check your local art and crafts store or the and for 60.00 or more use the code MAY2017 to get 25% off AND FREE shipping!! I cant wait to use these paints again! I have so many ideas!



HI Guys!! Another week gone and I have no idea where the days went! Thanksgiving is right around the corner for us in the USA and then holidays will be in full effect. I don’t know how I feel about that.

One thing is for sure I will be crafting my butt off the next few weeks. One of my favorite things to make is Grungy/Vintage looking things. If its old, beat up and marked up-Im all in! So this week I decided to show how to image transfer using an ink jet printer and Mod Podge.  You can really vary the tattered look depending on how much paper you remove and as you will see… I made a mistake-and I kept going with the attitude of I meant to do that!!

Below is the result of the transfer and the video I did showing how its done. I would love to know your thoughts on this procedure and if you try it PLEASE tag me because I would love to see it. If you are not already subscribed to my Youtube Channel – please subscribe- I put up new videos every Monday-Wednesday- and Friday.