Free Face Pattern

Here is the face pattern I told you I would put up for you to PRACTICE with. Please use it to learn to draw and color and paint. DO NOT use it as your own to sell in any way shape or form. Have fun and Please tag me in anything you do!! I cant […]

Review of Angel Craft 6 x 12 Vinyl Review

I am an avid crafter and painter so when I received these I was so excited to see how else I could use these in my Art and Mixed Media and wow the fun I had!! First of all they work great in your electronic machines (i have a brother scan and cut) and they […]

My Review of Eunectes Watercolor Paints

Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 16:03 | Category : ART JOURNALING, beginners mixed media, kelly donovan, knittingandthings, Tips and Techniques
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I am a Mixed Media Artist who likes to use many different types of supplies in my paintings. Lately though I have wanted to learn proper watercolor techniques. I use watercolor paints in my mixed media all of the time-but I really want to sit and paint a flower or something very much like the […]

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