1. Hey ladies! Hope all are well. I’m just checking in hoping I win. If I don’t I wish you all luck on this great giveaway.

  2. I would so love to win this ……it would be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. I love to experiment with different products but they are so expensive ……….Good luck to all that ha s entered

  3. Awesome giveaway Kelly! Love that it includes international! Have a great day and a big hello from New Zealand. Hugs Sandra

  4. I really like your videos, but my favorite is the one showing how to use economical supplies. Before we built an assisted living in our rural community, I was a fabric painter with lots of supplies. Then when we retired, most of them were dried up and I have had a hard time replacing them. I have fallen in love with Bible Journaling and would love to win this contest!

  5. Hi Kelly,

    I watch and enjoy all your videos, but the one I like best is the very first one I stumbled upon. I was very new to mixed media, not sure if I could make anything. Needless to say I was holding off on buying much. Then I saw your video on making home made stamps with household objects. That video allowed me to play around cheaply, and I found that I could do mixed media that I was proud of. Thanks to you and that video I am still here trying new things with you!

  6. Kelly, I love so many of your videos, but my very favorite one is the one you did recently with Emily. It was so sweet and fabulous!

  7. There are soo many videos I love! I’m always picking up what your putting down, lol. I love to watch your tutorials, upcycling and recycling videos, mixed media videos, the list goes on and on. Thanks again Kelly for the opportunity to win! Good luck everyone!

  8. Like I always say your my friend and I love and respect your videos your attitude your singing I learn a lot from you and you have a very kind heart god bless aND thanks for the chance to win

  9. Love all your videos Kel, most recent one is the “Dream” Polymer clay plaque. I can’t imagive being lucky enough to win this little lot, it all looks brill! I’ve already got some Plaid paints, some of them for yonks, but I don’t have any of these!.

  10. Hello Kell, i think the comp said i could leave a comment to re-enter this FRIGGIN AWESOME comp- i dont have Instagram so this is the only way i can enter- good luck to EVERYONE- what an AMAZING prize 😉

  11. I don’t have a favourite video since I’m a new follower but I’ve looked at your videos and I like the watercolour painting videos or generally drawing videos!!

  12. Hello Kelly, I enjoy all of your videos. Thank you for this awesome giveaway. Thanks for doing a great job on your videos, please keep on doing them. Thank you Plaid for giving Kelly the opportunity of giving us these awesome giveaway. Please keep supporting Kelly she is a great artist and a great person.

  13. I don’t have a favorite video because I love ALL of them. You have so many tips and tricks that have helped me along the way that you would be surprised. This is a great giveaway and would be a lot of fun to win.

  14. I love all your videos. It makes me happy when I see you have a new video on your channel! Thank you for the chance to win! <3

  15. Thought we could enter daily but the option to make a comment to enter is gone after day one. Bummed! Still hopeful my one entry with the comment will be the lucky winner!!! Good luck to us all!!

  16. I cannot pick just one video. I just love to listen to you. You are so “real” with your audience. I check everyday for any new videos. I usually watch your vids on using household items in mixed media and the vlogs. You are an inspiration. Keep it up.

  17. MUMMA MIA what a FRIGGIN AWESOME Give AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for the chance i just LURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRV those stamps YUMMINESS!!!

  18. It’s hard to pick a favorite; I enjoy them all so much. I learn and your usually so funny that I can’t wait for the next video. Thanks for the opportunity to win some great stuff, Kelly 🙂

  19. my favorite video??? ALL of them, you are amazing, i love how you make your videos and how natural you are at making them, you are always joking around and making me laugh and i have been inspired by you so much to make different projects….thank you for being awesome <3

  20. I would love to win this giveaway. I am disabled and have a lot of times on my hands I’m always doing something drawing coloring journaling, quilting etc etc …….I wish everyone who enters the best of luck and keep on being creative.

  21. I love all your videos, but I guess the ones where you are drawing and painting are my favorites and the ones where you use products in different ways. I did say all of them right? LOL. Great giveaway. Would love to win. Thanks for offering it to us.

  22. Hey there everyone. Good luck to you all if I don’t win this giveaway I hope whoever does really enjoys it. Kelly brings smiles to many faces.

  23. My fave videos of yours are the ones where you give us ideas on how to use everyday items to make your own stamps/stencils/spray inks and so on, because I don’t have any decent craft stores in Spain so ideas for making my own things is a great help. I have to add I really enjoyed the ATC videos too. I love all your vids though, whether they are vlogs or tutorials. I often have them playing while I paint, not to copy what you do, but it makes me feel there’s a friend in the room with me.
    Love all those colours and the stamps… they are so beautiful, I really would love to win! Thanks so much for this opportunity, Kelly.
    Hugs from Spain
    Fiona (Phiona on FB)

  24. I can’t pick a favourite video! They are all very good and because I’m new to mixed media I learn something new every time. I love your style Kelly, and the way you make your videos.


  25. I am new to crafting and would be grateful to have actual art tools to work with. I love your videos where you show us how to use things around the house. I have become a bit of a hoarder but my skills are getting better because of you. I’m inspired to learn art by watching your videos on YouTube. Thank you for a chance to win.

  26. Love all your videos. My favs are the Odd Girl and journal pages. Thanks so much for all you do! I can’t imagine doing all this myself ! Hugz !!!

  27. Rkelly awesome giveaway! It’s very hard to pick a favorite video, I enjoy them all. You are a pleasure to watch and listen to…ty

  28. Hey! This is a great giveaway and you are always so cheerful. It makes me smile. A favorite video is hard but if I had to choose I guess the fabric paint video.

  29. This is definitely a fantastic giveaway Kelly it’s more than generous.
    Hmm it’s a tough question on which video is my favourite because there are so many.
    One of them was using black India ink medium birds. I’d taken 2 yrs of nearly none existing crafting of any type to back to drawing again. As always the longer videos are my favourite as I could listen to the chit chat forever. Ty for the chance to enter the competition How could you not it’s huge. The only fabric colour I’ve ever used is black and now I’m into printing this would be massive chance to experiment and get some artists prints into some of my sewing projects.

  30. OMG!!! How Exciting!! Would love to win this …My Grandaughter and I would have a blast! I love all your vids you are so down to earth and I love that!

  31. Hi Kelly, Now that is a tough question as I LOVE All Your Videos !!! so Let’s go with the AWESOME Fabric Paint by Plaid Video 🙂 Even if I don’t win I am going to have to try this paint as I Love doing T-Shirts and i am always looking for Good Fabric Paint…TY for having this Give away…Good-Luck to All who enter.

  32. Kelly, you’re amazing. You are soooo very generous. My favourite video was your Vlog regarding mental illness and that sufferers are not alone. You shared your son’s tragedy and I can completely relate. Keep up your brilliant and entertaining videos coz I look forward to watching them and learning from you. THANKS Kelly for all you do. I’m on a very tight budget so naturally I’d love to win. But who knows! Thank you for this opportunity.

  33. This is a fabulous giveaway and I’m excited to have a chance at winning it. It’s also really good to hear the excitement and joy in your voice.

  34. This is an awesome giveaway! So excited for whomever wins! They’re going to have a lot of fun! Thanks for doing this Kelly and Plaid!

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