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54 Comments for “$150.00 FOLKART GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 1Lyn Gill

    Awesome giveaway Kelly! Love Plaid too!

  2. 2Sue heads

    Love your excitement! The plaid products seem to have given you a new lease of life girl!! Lovely to see you so animated! Hugs

  3. 3Wanda van Bogerijen

    Such a great and generous giveaway! Thank you so much! And so great it’s open for everyone!

  4. 4denita

    Sweet,deal. Good luck everyone…

  5. 5Elizabeth Kaplan

    What an AMAZING giveaway!

    It’s great to see you so happy. ❤️

  6. 6dottygin

    fabulous giveaway Kelly, I love plaid products and a bit fan of podge modge. so to own them all will be thrilling. xxx

  7. 7Peach Nevers

    Awesomeness…… Love all Plaid products. Good luck everyone. 🙂

  8. 8Sandra

    what a wonderful idea! Very generous of you!

  9. 9Ivy Marino

    Great giveaway

  10. 10Kim are Andrews

    Wonderful! Thank you Plaid and Kelly for the opportunity!!

  11. 11Kimarie Andrews

    Gotta love auto correct! 😉

    Kimarie Andrews

  12. 12Paula Gunn

    This is amazing! Thank you so much! Good luck everyone!

  13. 13Mary Ann McMillin

    WTG !!! Kelly & Plaid Good Luck to All 🙂

  14. 14Leslie McGrath

    Thanks so much for doing this awesome giveaway!! good luck to everybody!!

  15. 15Betti Powell

    That’s a great thing Kelly. Like you I love all!

  16. 16Katie

    Wonderful! Thank you Plaid and Kelly for the opportunity!!

  17. 17Julie Orosco

    Exciting, opportunity to win some great art supplies 🙂

  18. 18kathy keys

    Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance. Hugs, Kathy

  19. 19stephanie johnson

    Very GENEROUS give a way!!! Thx Kelly and way to share the goodness from plaid!! XOXO stephie Good luck to all who enter!!

  20. 20Anonymous

    AWESOME Giveaway! Thank you Kelly and Folkart!

  21. 21Lizzie Saunders

    Great Giveaway! So exciting

  22. 22Tina Mohamed

    Awesome giveaway thank you kelly

  23. 23Sherry

    Great giveaway hun thank you so much

  24. 24Dekida Hamler

    What an amazing giveaway thanks for the chance to win some great supplies ,,,

  25. 25cheryl ryle

    entry seems to be buggin out on me.

  26. 26Norma

    Thanks for a chance to win a great prize!

  27. 27Stacy


  28. 28Yvonne neer

    When I filled out the Rafi located twitter name I put the wrong name it’s under Yvonne_spear wasn’t sure on the urn on anything I think I blew it all is there any way to fix it

  29. 29Kari

    Fun giveaway….thanks for the chance!

  30. 30Elizabeth Dindal

    This would be an Awesome giveaway to win! Thank you Folk Art and Kelly!

  31. 31Karin Carter

    Great opportunity! Thank you Folkart and Kelly! 😀

  32. 32Gwen Mazzocco

    Terrific giveaway! Thanks Kelly, you’re the best!

  33. 33Stacy Humphries

    So excited for the chance to win! Good luck everyone!

  34. 34Tontai Herbert

    Good luck everyone. IIt would he nice to wi

  35. 35Anonymous

    Thank you so much Kelly. So happy it’s open to us foreigners. Good Luck to ALL. ( me,me,me) Hugs to All .

  36. 36Lisa Ann

    Wow!!! Awesome. I love me a giveaway. Thank you for such a chance!! I’ve been following you for awhile now and I really do appreciate all of your videos. I’m a work in progress… You explain things so well, Thank you

  37. 37Felicia Aaron

    This is an AWESOME Give Away Kelly!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity! You Rock! 🙂

  38. 38laidart

    I would have a heartattack if I won this! It’s amaying!

  39. 39Lynda Cooper Pearce

    Fab give away,and the fact we can enter all over the world

  40. 40Roberta Eldridge

    What a blessing it would be to win this amazing prize!

  41. 41Donna Day

    To win would be a dream come true! Thanks for the chance to win…

  42. 42Kim

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize package!

  43. 43Jeanne Baney

    Hope I did everything correctly !

  44. 44Angie

    Awesome giveaway

  45. 45Tammy Dameron

    Thank’s for this opportunity! Hope I did what I needed to do! I Love plaid products! God bless 🙂

  46. 46Edwyna Williams

    Thanks so much Kelly. Hugs

  47. 47Little Willie

    Thanks loads Kelly. Good luck all.

  48. 48Roberta Eldridge

    Would so love to win these goodies!

  49. 49Carol Reid

    Great stuff! Looks like fun!

  50. 50Carol Reid

    For you… I love the Modmelter! 🙂

  51. 51Karla J Miller

    I am newly retired and I needed to busy myself around here so I started making jewelry pendants and rings and they turned out not so bad. I’m trying new crafts all the time.

  52. 52Debby

    I love The Mod Melter.

  53. 53Kelli Schwarzlose

    Want this!!!!

  54. 54Michael Fitzgerald

    Thanks for doing a giveaway. Good luck to everybody!

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