Hi Guys!!! The beautiful Rhiannon sent me a Random Act of kindess today and alos included 2 Stabilos for me to GIVEAWAY!!! I am so excited to do this!!! As always I am doing my giveaway on Rafflecopter, which is free to join!! Its where I do all my giveaways!!! You can enter below and watch the video of me unboxing the RAK on my youtube!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. 1secret

    you i love watching you no matter what it is but i sure would love to see you do some creepy stuff like crying flowers

  2. 2Kathy H

    I love the awesome things you do with the gelli plate. Any new tricks you have up your sleeve would be wonderful to see!

  3. 3Kathy Spiers

    THANK YOU for sharing your random act of kindness with us!! I’m not going to enter this one as I already have a black and brown Stabilo and it’d be just my luck to win this one (finally-I never win!!) so don’t want to take a chance from someone who doesn’t have them!!

  4. 4Trish

    Thanks, Kelly! I’ve always wanted to try these pencils!

  5. 5Yva Barbour

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. 6Becky McAuley

    Lovely giveaway! I shared it on my FB page for you, AuntBecscreations on You Tube!

  7. 7Marji Miller

    Hi Kelly, it’s me, Marji. I love all the stuff you share with us. Maybe I would like to see how to use Gelatos. I never seem to get mine to blend well, God bless.

  8. 8Angela Rossetti

    These pencils would really make a difference in my art!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  9. 9Janet Baker

    You do so many videos about so many different types of art and craft processes–I just don’t know what I would like to see that I haven’t already. Gelli plate printing and junk journals are my absolute favorites. I also like the videos when you share about yourself.

  10. 10Jaye Mason

    Oooo, nice giveaway!

  11. 11CeeCee B

    I would love to see you do more with paints, watercolors…and continue with the pencils too. Love your vlog!!

  12. 12Beverly Stout


  13. 13LottieFaith

    I’d love to see some of your quilting projects or some of your artwork you’ve done in the past.

  14. 14Debbie Few

    Thank you Kelly for z chance to win these! Have a good day!

  15. 15Jaye Mason

    I haven’t tried these yet.

  16. 16Maggie Lockley

    Love your Facebook. give away’s and you tube videos You are motivating and teach in away I can follow.

    Thank you so much
    Fondest Regards Maggie

  17. 17Ashley Davis

    Would love to see some watercolor techniques!

  18. 18maryanne mott

    Yay, we love stabilo pencils.

  19. 19maryanne mott

    I love this I have to learn how to do this too. You have a nice layout and it’s easy to read.

  20. 20Deirdre Robinson

    More mixed media projects.

  21. 21Donna Day

    I love all the projects that you do but if I have to said it would have to be more of your odd girls! I just love your odd girls! Thanks Kelly….

  22. 22Dawn Dalrymple

    Very excited about this give away. Would love to win after watching the amazing things this pencil does.

  23. 23Sarah Crankshaw

    Thanks for the opportunity Kelly. Your friends are so generous. Big hugs
    Sarah xxx

  24. 24Michael Fitzgerald

    Thanks for all you do Kelly. You are my favorite you tube artist! Good luck to everyone!

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