Healthier Mocha Frappuccino– YUMO!

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I was on Weight Watchers a few years back and learned so many different recipes that I could eat on the plan. Now that I have changed so much of my eating- I find myself using some of these recipes to help aid in my weight loss. This is one of our favorites as it serves as a great snack or drink on a warm day. I do not use coffee in it although you def could!

2 packages of your favorite hot chocolate mix- (OR u can make your own with cocoa powder and sugar of your choice)
2-3 cups of ice
1 cup of almond-rice-coconut or whole milk

BLEND—— (You can also add very strong coffee (1 cup and less ice to your liking)Serve with a bit of chocolate syrup and whipped cream if u choose!!!

TIPS — YOU can definitly make this according to your taste- using non dairy or make it organic or make your own hot choc mix!


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