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Enter for a package of Creative Paper Clay. You can follow me on Twitter–follow my blog and leave a comment–and share your favorite youtube video of mine- Just click the buttons that are available and do as they say! Very easy!!!

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  1. 1Heidi Muska

    Would love to have a Basics paint giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! And keep up the great tutorials! 🙂

  2. 2Anonymous

    polymer clay water color pencils anything that you would like to share love your videos .

  3. 3Bobbi Isaacs

    I made this comment lol When I got on to leave comment it said HI Bobbi so I thought it would put name automatically

  4. 4Patricia Poudrier

    Thank you for the chance to win! I’d love to see you give away your favorite type or brand of paint brushes. 🙂 Thanks again ~ PatsTreasuresNCrafts on YouTube

  5. 5Sharon B.

    I would love to see a watercolor pad and paint giveaway. Thanks for all of your videos I’m learning tons of tings. I’m very new to mixed media. Thanks for chance to win. 🙂

  6. 6The Craft Cuckoo

    I would love to win some glitter and shiney things 🙂 These are great giveaways, you are so generous 😀

  7. 7Wendy Wells

    I am a Newbie to all of this and I am in complete joy watching your videos and I would love a chance to see more giveaways with Mixed Media. I am trying to make a Art Journal. Sooo nervous and scared lol not many supplies but I am going to go at it with my colored pencils. hehehe Tysm for all of your wonderful videos. <3
    Your fan

  8. 8Kelly Donovan

    how are you making your journal? with stitching?

  9. 9Mary Lou Sullivan

    I’d love a chance to win any kind of art supplies (especially colors!) or makeup! 🙂

  10. 10Erin LaTurner Hicks

    I would love a chance to win just about any kind of art supplies! I am gathering stuff to start my own art journal so I can use it all!! Thanks for the chance!! 🙂

  11. 11fatima

    Thank you for these chance , and some drawing or mixed media in future giveaway if you can will be cool.

  12. 12Tamara

    Thanks for the contest. Kelly. Clay all the way!

  13. 13Aimee Shockcor

    Mixed media supplies or paint pretty please

  14. 14Fiona

    I’d love a chance to win something like a patterned paper pad. They’re hard to get where I am unless I order on-line and then they charge more for shipping than the cost of the pad! If that’s a difficult thing to shi internationaly, then I’d like to maybe win a stencil or 2, or best of all, a handwritten/music page acrylic stamp – they’re not easy to make like the other stamps. Thanks for all you do, Kelly, and thanks for this polymer clay give-away.

  15. 15Kelly


  16. 16kathleen

    Love all your videos. Would love to be in your studio. I am just starting and watch your videos all day long. I have all the stuff and you are helping me to use it to make art. I have never done mixed media or even painted anything. You make it so easy to make art with whatever you find. I look at everything as possibility. Thank you for all your videos and I prays you are feeling well.

  17. 17DeBorah Beatty

    I would love a giveaway of Viva Decor products like Inka Gold OE Maya Gold.

  18. 18DeBorah Beatty

    I would love a giveaway of Viva Decor products like Inka Gold OE Maya Gold. Stencils would be cool, too.

  19. 19sigrid

    I would love to see a giveaway of one of your paintings on canvas because i would love to have a kelly original on my wall

  20. 20Kelly Donovan

    what would you want it to be of?

  21. 21cindyzs

    would like heat gun! embossing powders,paints, brushes, stamps, ink pads…stuff like that would be helpful to me, esp if i won them, lol 🙂 thanks

  22. 22Phoebe

    Thank you for my chance to win this paper clay… I’ve been so curious about the stuff.. but can’t really justify the cost of it, for something I don’t know if I’ll like enough… So it’s a perfect way to try it out and see if it’s worth the cost for me. =)

  23. 23Shelly H.

    Thanks for a chance to win,Kelly. 🙂 I’d love to see mixed media give aways. I’m fairly new to mixed media and really enjoy learning from your videos.

  24. 24Jennifer hammond

    Love to see more mixed media!! Love watching your channel!!

  25. 25Anna

    I heard you say you make modelling paste, is this like a potter would use slaked down clay (slip) to stick things together? or maybe its something else? I just got here so I am just basking in the glory of all that you do.. an artist of a multitude of media 🙂

  26. 26Kelly Donovan

    it is for mixed media. oh i would love to make pottery but never have tried! ty for finding me!!!! anything you ever want to see just ask!

  27. 27Connie

    Pearl Ex pigment would be wonderful they make such an amazing addition to a project.

  28. 28connie felton


  29. 29Connie

    A heat gun would be an ideal.

  30. 30Connie

    I was just at jerrysartarrama website and there was paste medium and digital medium so many different kinds of mediums and they all look so tempting maybe a unique medium would make a good giveaway.

  31. 31Anonymous

    hello its me Kelly this is the way you start your you tubes. I like it. you are very inspiring. Thank you friend

  32. 32Mona

    I saw your video for the first time. I loved it and you kelly. I have about 10 incurable diseases so believe me I know how you feel. You are real and no bs but nice at the same time. Way to go. There are people who really understand how you feel. I have been in pain since 1994 when I had a bad accident. Love you. Mona

  33. 33Fiona

    I just thought I’d add that I’d love a rub-ons, or lace, or those cute little 3D gears/keys and suchlike give-away – ALL things I can’t get in Spain. and OMG what about that lace paper you can get in the Dollar Store? I mean, hello – gorgeous and cheap!! You guys are sooo lucky living over there!

  34. 34Connie

    I have been thinking about buying some of those wonderful papers like lace paper or marbled paper there are so many amazing papers they are hard to chose from; maybe a sheet of fancy paper would make a good give away.

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