Mixed Media for beginners-using Stencils and Paint

I feel very Blessed to have the ability to stay home and create. Well….let me rephrase that…..I have no choice as I am disabled and can’t work and have to keep myself busy or I will go insane. Making Art for me has become therapy and I have learned that “perfection” doesn’t exist — What you receive from creating is far more important and comforting than “perfection”. I have a youtube channel in which I love to inspire people who are disabled and who are new to this fantastic world of creating-I can’t even begin to tell you the messages I wake up to daily from people who cant leave the house…..or the bed….or have just started…thanking me for my videos and giveaways. They call me their art buddy as they watch me while they create and that makes me feel so good.

I am disabled and on SSI and do not get much money monthly due to my husband making too much????????? We don’t get food stamps or anything like that. And that is a discussion for another time as i can go on and on about that–as I am sure many of you could as well.

So when I started receiving new subscribers and new messages from newbies wanting to learn mixed media I thought it would be fun and go back to basics and help them learn and use items at home or very few items and not breaking the bank. This is the first series from start to finish and I have just started the new more involved background for series 2. Check them out and let me know what you think and as always ask me any questions you might have!!! Thank you all for being so supportive and understanding me and who I am….I wish you all Many Blessings! (The videos are in order from 1-3)

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  1. 1Melinda

    Hi Kelly, thanks for another awesome giveaway so soon after your other one. That is so kind and generous of you. I am new to mixed media and like yourself I have a disability that prevents me from working, so I don’t have much spare cash to spend on supplies.

    My most used home items are bubble wrap,cardboard tubes and bottle tops for stamping. 🙂

  2. 2Becky Kuntz

    Hey! I love trying new things and work with kids and teens… Who will love to try new things! Thanks for all the videos you do on YouTube! Thanks again for a nice giveaway!!!

  3. 3Pumpy

    Just to let you know, I called and will be back.

  4. 4Teresa

    Great giveaway! Love your video’s…

  5. 5The Craft Cuckoo

    Hi Kelly. What a great competition 🙂 This is the first one I have tried to enter and I’m not sure if I have done it right?! Hope you’re ok. A cheery wave from across the pond!

  6. 6Jan Robson

    I am so pleased I came across your you tube site your brilliant and very creative ★

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