ENTRY FOR MY GIVEAWAY-Mixed Media Supplies

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Here is the video to all of the prizes!

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  1. 1Sherelle Barber

    This is so awesome. I can’t believe you’re giving away so many wonderful mixed media supplies. I hope I’m the lucky person who gets this awesome prize.

  2. 2Linda Chilcott

    It was great to see you back on the air, but you still need to take of yourself. The group is awesome and you should prove of yourself. Love to to hear that you are getting looking forward to get back on the air.

  3. 3LAurie Richard starwolf

    holy cow 5000!! Congrats Kelly! And what an awesome giveaway! I sure hope you are feeling better soon. Miss your voice to cheer my day!! You are always awesome to see and to listen to!

  4. 4Kathy Pearson

    Well …..you said it was an awesome giveaway ! So kind of you to take trouble to organise this when you aren’t a particularly happy bunny with your health ATM,we are first in the queue for new bodies!!! Soft hugs sweetie x

  5. 5Robin P

    What an awesome giveaway! I found your youtube channel last weekend and have been watching you constantly since.

    Thank you for an opportunity to win

  6. 6Dee Armstrong

    I am a new mixed media crafter and subscriber with much to learn. I watch your videos and love your work.

  7. 7Veronica mendoza

    congrats my friend,you totally deserve it. i think i need to enter this giveaway,soooo enter lil ol me,ok? ok..lol!

  8. 8Belinda Watson

    I’m under Urban Gypsie or Belinda Watson on YouTube and I am subbed to you! I, too, understand about our shared condition and am glad to see that you made the video. I’ve recently become a friend on FB and your group and it’s awesome! Thank you for the chance to win!

  9. 9Sheryl

    I am new to mixed media, been trying some colors with stencils. I watch your videos and love your work. I am a subscriber to YouTube.

  10. 10Carmen

    What a wonderful giveaway I also been sick and haven’t been crafting for a week or so..hope you feel better.hugs Carmen 🙂

  11. 11penny

    I’m new to mixed media. Love watching your videos. Great giveaway. Don’t you just love art supplies.

  12. 12shilpa

    Ohh, I am very much into mixed media and love your videos.
    I Twitted 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win these awesome goodies!!

  13. 13Robin Walters

    I would love to win theses! I love your videos and your work!

  14. 14Cindy Z. Stewart (cindyzs)

    congrats! only one thing to do on the giveaway? wow easy! feel better and thanks for the chance…fingers crossed

  15. 15sigrid


  16. 16Felicia Aaron

    Congratulations Kelly! I love watching your vids, you are a hoot not to mention I love gleaning from your creativity!! What a wonderful give away! Count me in and thank you for the opportunity!

  17. 17connie felton

    miss seeing you hope your illness wont keep you down long things have to look up soon, your in my thoughts and prayers

  18. 18Jac F.

    Congrats on the 5,000 followers! You’re so awesome! As far as videos – maybe a way to really add depth and texture to mixed media – to make it 3D.

  19. 19Dianne Mann Lewis

    I would like to see more videos on mixed media , I am new to this and need ideas. This giveaway would be great to win and get me started. Good luck everyone!

  20. 20Katrina m

    Thanks for the giveaway Kelly! Hope your feeling better….n would love to see how to draw hair…I struggle with that so much!

  21. 21Lilly C.

    I would like to see more videos on modeling paste and adding it to mixed media and adding texture. 🙂

  22. 22keila

    i would like to see more videos about mixed media art in canvas

  23. 23Cynthia Taylor

    I love to watch process videos meaning no rushing through to just show a technique. I love to watch mixed media art journal pages preferably, but also on canvas. I love to watch the whole process and thought process of choosing one thing over another- colors , products etc. I like it all real time except maybe for the end doodling and writing if done. Even collaging and drying pages, you can talk about how you like to do pages, how you decide where to place collage etc. thanks! this is an amazing giveaway! I do not have any of those things! I do not even have 1 roll of washi tape LOL

  24. 24Barbara

    I love seeing any videos from you, I always learn something. Best wishes on your health.

  25. 25Sonja1020

    I love all your videos. I am a visual learner so I love watching them to learn new techniques and gain insights into your processes and approach. Thank you for the giveaway! It’s so nice.

  26. 26Carol M

    Congrats! Great giveaway.

  27. 27Dana Martin

    Again I say CONGRATS on all your subbies and so so so so glad you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing so much not only your crafts but your spirit and soul with us.

  28. 28Dana Martin

    When is this give-a-way over? Just wondering. love your vids!!!

  29. 29Beth Wilkinson

    I really like vids that show what different products can do and how to use them since I am a beginner with art journals.

  30. 30lisa

    Kelly, i just want to say that i love your videos. You are such a genuine soul and i appreciate all that you do. You giveaways and generosity are overwhelming. Im sending love and healing light.

  31. 31Sue Pompetti

    It’s hard to think of a topic you have not covered! 😀

  32. 32Janice

    I have learned so from you already…really trying to think of something I would like to see…just can’t at the moment…
    Really hope you start feeling better soon…missing you…;)

  33. 33erin kirkpatrick

    Congrats Kelly!i would like to see more videos about mixed media;)

  34. 34Cindy Brandes

    I would love to see polomer clay and ATC videos.

  35. 35Zoila Rivera

    WOW!!! Thank you so much Kelly, I love watching your videos because I learn so many tips and tricks about mix media….good luck to everyone in the Giveaway…..WHOOHOO!!! 5000

  36. 36Kelly

    Would love to see your take on twinchies

  37. 37Ann Littler

    ? Franchise ?

  38. 38Ann Littler

    Can’t even spell it, should say ?twinchies?

  39. 39Aimee Shockcor

    I love seeing the mixed media projects

  40. 40April

    Awesome giveaway and love your vids.

  41. 41Ann Littler

    Fantastic 5K you deserve it, I often think it’s you that should get the prize, YouTube should give you something, but nice to see a good useable giveaway. Thanks for being you and sharing all crafts you know huggles xxxAnnxxx

  42. 42Kimberly Tanner

    Yay! Love your channel and videos!! Thanks for the give away!!

  43. 43missy maxwell

    Great giveaway! Thanks so much! You’ve got a great channel!

  44. 44Desiree

    Congrats!! Such a great giveaway, good luck everyone!!!

  45. 45Megan

    I would love to see some more mixed media tutorials! I love all your work! 🙂

  46. 46April Long

    I really enjoy all you do , you take your time to really help us understand the technique. I’d love to see more Atc cards or clay projects. Xo – April aka Floridamomcrochet

  47. 47Donna Day

    Congrats! I would love to see more on polymer clay and ATC! Thanks

  48. 48Cindy Brandes

    More drawing videos, more atc cards, more mixed media.

  49. 49lisa bailey

    great video and would love to be considered for thus wonderful giveaway

  50. 50Janice Wood

    Well done with the Giveaway

  51. 51Mel

    I love your videos! I’m new to mixed media and get great inspiration from all that you share. Really hope you’re soon feeling better. Sending healing thoughts and prayers. Tanks for the awesome giveaway and good luck to all who enter. (((hugs))) xx

  52. 52Melinda

    Such a fantastic giveaway… good luck everyone! Really love watching you on youtube. More mixed media please! 🙂

  53. 53Victoria H.

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I hope you feel better soon!

  54. 54sandi p

    WOW … what a great giveaway. I’m just a beginner but LOVE your videos.

  55. 55Cindy Brandes

    I have in the past seen someone who I dont currently recall do cute little houses, so could you do a multi media little village.

  56. 56Cindy Z. Stewart (cindyzs)

    polymer clay and if you do mini books!

  57. 57Bernice Foster

    This is an awesome giveaway. I’ve had no budget to replenish my supplies and I’m jonesing! 🙂

  58. 58Dana Martin

    someone asked about doing a birdhouse mixed media village…great idea (and yes this is an entry for your give a way.) love your spirit!!!

  59. 59Vi Le

    Awesome giveaway!! super cool way to thank your subscribers

  60. 60Linda

    Great giveaway Kelly! I can’t wait to see who wins, and isn’t it fun to say Inka Dinka Do. LOL

  61. 61Linda

    Oops I forgot to say what else I’d like to see. I’d love more polymer clay tutorials. It’s my latest obsession. 🙂

  62. 62June Ramsamy

    Great giveaway…would love to see more on Polymer Clay. Thanks x

  63. 63Judy Bock

    Wow, would really love these. Have just started doing the art journal so this would be a big plus. Love your videos. Keep up the good work.

  64. 64Samantha Renae

    I would love to see more mixed media tutorials!!

  65. 65Nicole Nadeau

    Hi Kelly,
    I would love to see more pages with the stencils, like the latest video you did. The colors and patterns were beautiful….Love it!

  66. 66AJ(TheQuiltingPot)

    As a beginner in the mixed media world, this would be a wonderful start. I have subscribed to your channel and enjoy your vids alot. I am participating in the DLP and have been looking for vids on mixed media…hence how I found you. Keep taping. Thanks for thinking of the newbies and the give away.

  67. 67AJ(TheQuiltingPot)

    Would love to see a start to finish page, or addition to created background papers to a page….

  68. 68Lisa Waitt

    Thanks for the awesome give-away!

  69. 69Belinda Watson

    I’ve posted on FB, blogged, passed your site along to other artist friends who didn’t know you and so forth…but I want to say thanks for being so generous with your time, your knowledge and this giveaway. Even if I don’t win, I hope someone very special gets it! Also, I understand how you can feel with your situation (since I have the same physical things going on) and any new vid is appreciated!

  70. 70Rhea

    Thanks for the contest Kelly and all the great videos!


  71. 71Brittany


  72. 72Brittany


  73. 73Glowymind

    Love your videos. I always wanted to try different types of paints.. but everytime I enter the craft store I end up buying nothing because it is so overwhelming. but not anymore. I learnt a lot from your videos and am looking forward to learn a lot from you. You are an awesome teacher. Thank you!

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