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I am going to try and be much more active on my website. I miss just sitting and writing and getting everything out-good or bad. I love to write poetry and it has become an outlet for me to just write and not worry about what anyone thinks or even thinks of me. As most of you know, I am not everyone’s piece of cake and I have most of my life out in the youtube world with all my good and bad.
Recently, I added a donate ——> button on my website and got a bit of crap over it. I hadn’t mentioned the button on my youtube as I figured if people saw it and wanted to help me out-they would and if they couldn’t–they wouldn’t. It had been brought to my attention many months ago to get one and I always felt funny about putting it up but recently when it was brought up again I decided I would do it. Discussing this with a few people they said “Do you know HOW many people have nings and people donate to them to help pay for the ning and then pay for their classes?” I am going through so many medical issues and as most of you know…my husband is a freelance copywriter and if he doesn’t work-he doesn’t get paid. He has been taking me to appt after appt plus dealing with his own medical issues with his back. I have found out my kidneys are working at 20% and dialysis is in my future. But what is killing me most is my daughter. As most of you may know my son committed suicide 3 1/2 years ago at 19. My daughter was 14. We have been trying to get her in therapy with a psychiatrist to monitor her medication and her anxiety, panic and depression. We are getting no where fast. I am going through the same thing I went through with my son all those years ago-trying to get him help-and he just couldn’t hold on any longer. Waiting list after waiting list……we found one place that does not take insurance-you pay 200.00 for the initial visit and 60 every visit after. We dont have that kind of money. I am on SSI–not the normal SSD so I get 1/4 of what normal SSD get and I am at a loss. The insurance company will not reimburse us because they offer Drs. in their plan. So being on the phone all morning and trying to figure out what to do about this has made me miserable. Do they realize what an epidemic suicide is? And we worry about so many other countries and children and I get that but what about our country and our children. I don’t get food stamps or anything. Oh i can go on and on about my thoughts on so many things regarding this but…it doesn’t matter and wont change. We all just do our best and hope we make it through. look how they treat our veterans. Terrible……
I promise my posts wont be all sad and whoa is me lol its just the day I have had and it brought back alot of memories I dont want to feel or remember.
Now…I have started selling my Art again as well as my jewelry. I had forgotten what a long process it is to upload and get all the info in. I will put the link up as soon as I have everything listed.
I want to thank everyone who has donated to help me. every dollar helps and I know we all struggle to make it. You all have been such a great support system to me that I don’t even know how to pay you back. Thats why I do the giveaways. Just small ways to show you all how much I appreciate all you guys do for me. I am truly Blessed! Here is to the start of blogging and happier blogs!!!!!!! Many Blessings to you all!!!!!

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  1. 1Anji Pearson

    Having many similar issues and experiences is probably why I can relate to you and your situation so well. I too have just started being more active on my blog. I can’t believe I used to faithfully post everyday…I used to put up a song each day and a free digital image- they have gotten much better now!

    Anyway, I to am a writer, most of the stuff in my art journal is my own work.
    I applaud you for the bravery you exhibit every day and for having the guts to tell it like it is!. Much Love

  2. 2Susan Bush

    Kelly, I wish I could do more to help you. You are an inspiration to so many people. Don’t ever give up!

  3. 3Lara Short

    I will be behind you 100%. You are so right. We need to help the people here that are trying before the rest of the world. I truely believe in helping my neighbor first. I sent you a message earlier and I mean it. I will donate as much as you can take. I really have a ton. I love ya and there is nothing wrong with asking for a little help. To me it is more honorable. You have lifted me up when I needed help. Now its my turn to give back.

  4. 4Lesley Deeming

    I am glad to see you on your Blog and writing again, believe me, without going into it I know How you are feeling and how desperate it feels. I have no words of wisdom but just know that I am sending you love and positive thoughts your way…..blessing to you xxxxxxx

  5. 5Ann Lessner

    Yeah I hope you are more active. Miss ya hun

  6. 6Benita

    Hi Kelly. It’s September but I’m just now reading this and I’m so sorry you’re going through all you’re going through! No, we don’t take care of our own like we should but every once in a while a ray of light comes into this world and brings hope. You are one of those rays of light! Thank you for all you do…you’re adorable!!

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