HI EVERYONE! I decided I am going to start a Tuesday Tip or Technique of the day! Little tips and tricks that will help in all the different kind of art or crafts that you do!

Today may seem like a simple one, but when I forget…I always regret it! It is taking 2 pieces of scrap paper when working in your art journal or any type of journal and putting one piece in the pages in front and the other scrap paper in back of the pages you are working on! It may sound silly but this prevents any run overs onto the prior page and run over on the new page waiting to be played on!

This little tip will help prevent run overs and a broken heart! Thank you and see you next Tuesday for another great TIP OR TECHNIQUE!

4 Comments for “TUESDAY TIP OF THE DAY!”

  1. 1Linda Chilcott

    Great Tip, this is going to be a greay article on Tuesday .

  2. 2Kelly Donovan

    Thank you so much! I hope it will help others!

  3. 3Cynthia McCoy

    This really is a great tip. I always make sure the paper is there.

  4. 4Debi

    I also have fibro in addition to CFS, I love your poly clay videos. I use poly clay as PT for my hands and arms. I like they way you present things for people like us. Thank you.

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