I feel like an addict-A Chronic Illness Addict…

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Hi-My name is Kelly and I am a Chronic Illness Addict! That is what I feel like. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromylagia, Chronic anemia, Chronic Migraines, Panic-Anxiety and Depression, Diabetes and Bleeding stomach ulcers amongst other illnesses.I am on enough medicine to kill a horse. It makes me not be able to focus, concentrate, remember things, sometimes not function. My hair falls out and the texture has changed. Then add pain pills which i don’t do often because I have too much to do. I cant sleep, no matter how tired I am. They gave me a new migraine medicine that is like a paint gun that shoots the meds in you and leaves a hole…Oh the Joy! Art-Crafts-FB friends and my youtube have inspired me to keep on keepin on -even on those bad days. I could go on and on about the pain 24/7 and struggles and so much more…I have had these things since I was 28 and I am now 43. Sometimes my hands dont work and I throw things, curse, yell and even cry. But the support I get from everyone I have met is amazing and I feel very Blessed. I wish I could Give it to God and have the faith and trust others do who also suffer, but that is not me. It is a struggle everyday to create jewelry, my art or whatever I am working on. But it saves me…..Art saves me every day…… and it can save you too, even if its for the 15 minutes you are doing it!

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  1. 1Karen

    You are not alone sunshine…….I understand so well. Just Keep on Keeping on. You are a true inspiration to me even if you don’t hear from me so much these days. If you can’t reach out to God just ask God to reach out to you and show you what he can do girlfriend. I know you have many friends praying for you so just except it and tell you know he is listening and it is his timing not ours. Love you sunshine and keep up what you can and what you can’t well your true friends understand!!!!!!!

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