Life and it’s own Plans…..

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Hey everyone…It has been a little while since I was able to blog. Many of you know I have so many health issues and they keep piling on. Between the RA and Fibro and other things, seems like my kidneys are being effected so it is Ultrasound on Tuesday for my kidneys and pelvis and then see from there. I went to my specialist this past Tuesday and he commented how he hasn’t seen anyone on as much medicine as I am, which was so comforting lol. We are also going through things with my daughter who is 17 and they think she has RA so we will be going to Rheumy on Thursday for her. I will take on 20 more illnesses if it would mean she wouldn’t have it, so please keep your fingers crossed. I got ill at 28 and I am now 43–she is only 17 so I can’t imagine her living a life with it. We have not had a break since my son died 2 1/2 years ago and I am hoping we win the lottery or something good comes our way. My poor husband has his own issues with his back crumbling and he has alot on him taking care of us and working. He is a freelance writer so we are lucky he works from home. Anyway.. This wasn’t a poor me post…I know we all have our battles to fight. Art helps me so very much. It just gets me out of my zone and into a peaceful one for a little bit to escape. I know it works like that for alot of us. I am very Blessed to have all my AWESOME subscribers on my youtube channel and I love showing products, Art and cheaper ways to make art products. I only show the ones that truly work and I truly use. I have gotten message after message of thankful people and fantastic comments and I feel so Blessed. So THANK YOU!
Here is a 3 part video series I just did on my Mixed Media Goth Girlie Piece I did. its not quite finished But will be this weekend, but gives you a bit of insight on how I do it. I have not done a Mixed Media Canvas since my son died and I forgot how long it takes!! I hope you all have a great weekend and again THANK YOU for all being so supportive and being there for me when I need it!! I will be having another giveaway soon!!!

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  1. 1Pam Latham

    Kelly You are always in my thoughts. we’ve had a lot going on the past couple of years and it has to and WILL get better in it’s own time. I’m ready for this to all be over for you and get to feel better. Hugs and you are never out of my mind. We have to take care of our own don’t we.

  2. 2Kelly Donovan

    we sure do Pam and thank you! I really appreciate your kind words and hope you start slowing down with your stuff soon!

  3. 3María Jesús

    Hola Kelly,desde hace mucho tiempo la sigo a través de Google+ ,admiro su forma de hacer Arte, sus técnicas, los colores que utiliza….y como no su forma de hacer Arte co bajo coste. A mi me encanta Art Journal, y aprendo a través de vídeos como los suyos…
    Yo la comprendo muy bien porque por desgracia las dos tenemos problemas de salud, pero en sus pinturas usted transmite optimismo, y ganas de vivir… Le deseo mejoría y que pueda poder seguir compartiendo su Arte. Un cordial saludo

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