I went to my Michaels last weekend and was very excited to see they finally had MOD MELTS. Of course I picked up everything they had in the section for them, but as I continued to walk through the store I thought to myself “Self….how many times have you got soooo excited over a product, go crazy, buy all of the components and then it sucks?” (haven’t we all done that at least once?) so then I decided to just buy the Milk Glass White Mod Melt sticks and I would use silicone molds I have at home. I have a ton of them, since I love polymer clay, so I went the cheaper route. I must say…… I LOVE THEM! You can use alcohol inks on them, you can paint them AND you can not only use them in silicone molds BUT also Amazing Mold Putty molds that you make!!! (I AM AN AMAZING MOLD PUTTY FREAK!) I did not have any luck using them in plastic molds as they stuck and glued themselves too it, which I kinda thought would happen. AND ANOTHER COOOOL THING……. I STAMPED IN THEM! Now…YES… I know several people have told me I can use regular hot glue and you can but these need NO gesso or any treatment before adding color. Hot Glue I have played with many times and due to the glossiness, for me at least, doesnt take paint as well and I always had to gesso it first. If you have had a different experience–please share! I still use regular hot glue for things but now will be using the Mod Melts in my art and for jewelry. I am excited to buy the clear Melts now and try them! Here are two videos I did showing me playing with them! I say–Use a coupon at Michaels and just buy one pkg (they come 16 large sticks) and PLAY!!!

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  1. 1Linda Chilcott

    First love your new web site ! Can you believe I was Michaels Sunday and did not go to the Plaid section. Guess who going back.. Wow, what you can do with this product and you do all the test for us. The tips you gave save us time ! Will be waiting to see what contest you are having.

  2. 2marnie!

    dont throw away the leftover bits of mod melt! set them aside, collect them for a bit, and then you can throw them in a mold and melt them with a heat gun! works like a charm!

  3. 3Kodjovi

    I buy all of my supplies on Utrecht’s web site. You can resuqet a free catalog there. Also, Blick Art Supplies has good quality company recently posted..

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