Bracelet Blanks with Amazing Mold Putty

I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to make a bracelet and haven’t had a blank here for me to use. I have an empty cardboard tape roll that I use in my mixed media and it fits my wrist with a bit of room so I thought hmmmmmmmm….I can make as many blanks as I want out of AMAZING MOLD PUTTY!!!!!!
So here is what I did. I took my AMP and mixed quite a bit of it. I then pushed my empty cardboard roll in it and let it set. It literally takes 10 minutes.

You can see when I mixed my resin I used a silver colorant and poured a bunch of molds so I had a choice of what I wanted on my bracelet. Now you can wrap the bracelet with whatever you want to and as many different textures or colors but I used eyelash yarn in rust.

As I wrapped it I use hot glue to tack every 10 wraps or so just for extra security. I then decided what piece I wanted to use as the main focus on the bracelet.I decided the Victorian woman would be the choice for this one. I hot glued her on and then used perfect pearls to colorize her and highlight her to match the yarn.

Now you can paint the cast or whatever you want. Its hard to get the best picture with the lights on the shining face but in person it is so beautiful! I can make so many different kinds now and wear with my outfits and use whatever theme I want! Your imagination is the only thing that can stop you with this great product!

4 Comments for “Bracelet Blanks with Amazing Mold Putty”

  1. 1Linda Chilcott

    Thanks for showing how to make a bracelet so easy.

  2. 2Kelly Donovan

    😛 Your welcome!!!

  3. 3Liz Rosky

    Love it, I have saved two cardboard centres from tape that fit my wrist and am wondering how to make them strong enough to be bracelets any ideas?

  4. 4Kelly Donovan

    you could wrap with masking tape or clear tape or coat it with modpodge or white glue and then move on from there to decorate it. There are so many different things you can decorate them with!

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