Creepy Kirk the Ghost

This my last post for the Creative Paper Clay Design Team. I had a blast working and coming up with so many new ways to work with this product and I had the privilege of working with amazing people. This month I made a Scary Ghost to hang with my Amazing Mold Putty Project. I took the Paper clay and rolled it out and didn’t care how it went, the more raggedy edges the better! I rolled a piece of the clay in a ball for head and draped the rolled out piece of clay on top. I used a bottle for it to sit on and drape over. I then pinched the clay on bottom cut out eyes, added horns, added a mouth and added a few stitches by rolling small pieces of clay. Once dry, I painted it with watered down brown acrylic paint and added details and painted horns red. It was simple but fun and I love these sitting around inspiring me!

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