I was quite impressed an artist I discovered on World Scrapbooking Day. He is a 13 year old young man named Tanner Bob Bell and he was the artist who was on before me while I was waiting for my turn to do my demo for THE CHARITY WINGS ART CENTER on Cyncronicity Live on Linqto. (replays under discussions on that page-SO MANY ARTISTS DEMOING!)

I think all of us women watching in the room that day felt as if we were each his aunt. He is such a bright and talented young man, and I haven’t even begun to start on the business part of what Tanner does.

He has a great blog, several YouTube (alot of videos on here) MR CRICUTCRAZY videos, and his own stamp line! He’s a wonderful photographer and an expert crafter. I can go on and on about him, but rather than that, please go and check out his blogs and videos to see for yourself. He is so creative and fun. Neither of my children have shared my enthusiasm for arts and crafts; they are writers and readers, which is wonderful too, but to see Tanner do his cards and talk about his art and be so educated in what he is doing and knowing what he wants to do is amazing to me. I am doing my best to get to CHA this winter so I can meet him and so many of the other fantastic people I know and have become such good friends with through Facebook and Arts and Crafts.
You can watch all of the World CardMaking Day with so many Artists HERECynthia Gagen hosted it and it was 2 days of pure fun and for a great cause!!!!!!


Tanner Bell Designs

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