Octopus Steampunk Pendant

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I started my journey as a Jewelry Artist many years ago by making and selling handmade necklaces, earrings, and other works of art. But since then, I have found my way into all sorts of other mixed media mediums and forms of artistic expression. But, when I saw this piece, I just knew I had to make a pendant out of it and go back to my roots to make it into a beautiful piece of steampunk jewelry. Of course, by making a mold of it, I can not only use it as a piece of jewelry, but I can also use it in so many of the other types of art I also enjoy doing. Here’s how I did it:

First, I made a mold of it, using my Amazing Mold Putty. This stuff is so amazing because it hardens in just minutes and it catches every little detail of the source object!

Once the mold was complete, I mixed my Amazing Casting Resin and poured it into my mold. Within 5 minutes it was cured and ready to be played with!

I then mixed a bit of clear gesso with black paint and painted the whole piece black. Next, I sprayed a teeny bit of water on it and gave it a quick wipe. I then applied the black again and repeated the wipe. Once the paint was dry, I dry brushed it with gold paint to give it that antiqued brushed gold feel. Once this coat was dry, I added a jump ring and put it on a faux leather cord to create a beautiful steampunk-esque necklace that I will wear quite a bit! The Amazing Mold Putty and Resin is so versatile and by far one of my favorite things to work with! DON’T FORGET- **COUPON for Amazing Crafting Products Website**

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