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Fallen Angel Zombie and Body Pieces OH MY! BLOG HOP!

I am honored to be part of the Amazing Mold putty and Creative Paperclay Blog Hop. I love working with these two mediums so joining them in one piece was so much fun!
I took my Creative paper clay and made a zombie, and an Amazing Casting Resin set of ribs were added (which I made from amp and resin) and then let it dry.

Then I molded a bunch of pieces with the Amazing Mold Putty like skull heads, more ribs, brains and a head. Once they were cast in resin, I then painted them red, black and green. I added a bit of wool to the head and then burnt in with my heat gun (please do this outside due to the fumes)

I also molded an Angel wing and did a resin cast of that too. Can you tell I had a blast as I kept going back and doing more, I had to stop myself as I could of kept going.
Once the clay was dry I then painted the zombie, emphasizing the skin torn back to expose his ribs, brains and intestines.

Then adding finishing touches and putting a background behind him my Fallen Angel Zombie is complete!

This is the list… should have come from ANNIE’S BLOG TO MINE AND WILL NOW GO TO MICHELLE CUMMING’S
Creative Paperclay

Terri sproul –

Barbara Moore

Molly Walsh

Debbie Buckland

Edie Cournoyer

Lyneen Jesse

Lee Brehon

Annie Courture

Kelly Donovan

Michelle Cummings

Rachel Whetzel

Susan Brown

Ananda Marks

Angie Westerman

DeeDee Catron:

Amazing Mold Putty

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  1. terri sproul Says:

    OMG, i adore this…

  2. rachel whetzel Says:

    <3 what a cutie!!

  3. rhonda helm Says:

    this is fantastically awesome.

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