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I am so happy that Halloween is coming and I have my house decorated inside all year long with Halloween stuff. This month I made a ghoul with horns and a mask on his knees lurking. This was so much fun! I love making dolls in general and have made and sold so many but I wanted to do a creepy kind of doll but not too creepy.
First I made the structure from cheap wire. I made the body, arms, legs and head and then taped it with masking tape to add more strength.

Then I took the Creative PaperClay and used it to cover the whole structure with the paperclay. I added a mask and horns and a few other little embellishments that I wanted to give him.

I let it dry and then painted the body part green and the rest black. I textured his face a bit and painted it a black/red and his horns and eyes red. I love my little piece and it will be added to my other clay pieces sitting around that I love to make!

I hope this inspires a Halloween Craft out of you and when you do, you use Creative paperclay to do it with! It is so fun to use with kids!!

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