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I had a blast with this project! I made a creative plaque for hanging
above my door so I can see it every time I leave the house. I used the
Delight clay for this project along with 3D Crystal Lacquer and Terri
Sproul Mixers.

First, I rolled out a whole package of the
Delight clay and made a very organic shape with it. I flattened it out a
bit and took stamps and imprinted them directly into the clay (I laid a
ruler down as my guide to keep everything straight) and then went to
town embellishing it! I made a few butterflies, flowers and leaves from
the Delight Clay in molds and then even used the Terri Sproul Mixers
with 3D Crystal Lacquer and made even more embellishments!

the plaque was dry, I filled the embedded letters with 3D Crystal
Lacquer and Terri Sproul purple mixer and they just turned out beautiful! I added
different hues of blues and purples and some glitter and embellishments
and coated it all with a quick spray varnish. I am so happy with how
this turned out! Here are a couple of videos I recorded while making
this project. I will post the beginning video on my YouTube channel also
if you want to see how I used this amazing product!

Clear Cast Resin Project-Jewelry

This month I used the Clear Cast Resin. It takes 24-48 hours to dry (depending on the weather) But the things you can do are so endless because it dries clear. That means you can use different items in it and they show through. I had to stop myself because my mind was going crazy. So what I did this month was a jewelry piece. I am a jewelry maker and I thought I would make a pendant from this awesome stuff. I made a mold from my Amazing Mold Putty with a plastic container for as big as I wanted my piece to be. I then chose scrapbook paper and tore it to size and set it aside as I mixed my resin. Once I had stirred my resin for 2 minutes or so (it has about a ten minute working time) I poured a bottom layer in my putty piece, then I placed my paper, added a bit of glitter and then finished off with the resin to the amount I wanted and thickness for the pendant.

I let it dry for a day and a half just to make sure it was dry and popped it right out. I was upset as it wasn’t clear, so i asked my group “what did I do wrong?” They told me to paint a thin coat of the resin over it and it would clear up and sure enough it did! What a great tip! I let that dry overnight and then my pendant was finished! I wrapped it with some foil tape from the jewelry section and a bit of alcohol ink on the tape. I added a jump ring to the back with Sakura 3d laquer and let it dry. I put it on a chain with a few small keys and it is ready to wear.



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Fathers Day Gift

I have been meaning to sit and post this gift my daughter and I gave my husband for Fathers Day. I know its a bit late but I just was reminded by the pic on my desktop and decided to jot a quick post. I am on the Amazing Mold Putty Design Team and I use this product all the time, even if it doesn’t go as my project for the month. My husband has this sitting proudly on his desk as his good luck piece. We are nature freaks and I couldn’t resist doing this project! If you haven’t tried this product or the Amazing Casting Resin, Please do! It is fantastic and I look at so many things in different ways now.