Playing with Amazing Mold Putty–Again!

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I am so Blessed to be on the Amazing Mold Putty Team and I love to play with this every time I get a chance too! I look at things in such new ways for all the different kinds of art I do. So now pieces of things end up in a pile on my desk to play with and all Dave’s old toys that are falling apart that sit on his desk I always say ILL MAKE A NEW ONE!!!! I did a little playing yesterday and wanted to show you how easy it is. I used the putty and resin. I took pics of the resin setting and a video of me taking them out of molds. This stuff is great! You can use clay or whatever you want in these molds BUT I must say….The Amazing casting Resin…ROCKS! First picture is molding the pieces and second pic is pouring resin in.

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  1. 1Linda Chilcott

    Kelly I just bought amazing mold putty today, now does everything come in the yellow box ? I needed a casting rsin ?
    Leave it to me.

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