Creative Paperclay Fossils

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I have been playing with Creative PaperClay for years. This month I had
some of the mixture that I previously made into molding paste left over
that I didn’t want to go to waste. While thinking about how I could use
it, I remembered something I made with my son years ago for a
project…. FOSSILS!

After choosing which molds I wanted to
use, I cut the tip off of the baggie that contained the watered down
clay and squirted the mixture into molds. I let the clay dry for 2 days.

The top part of the clay dried but it was still very wet
underneath so I gently pushed down the dry part and smeared (for lack of
better word) the clay that came up through the cracks. Finally, by day 4
it was just where I wanted it to be. I pulled the pieces out and turned
them over let the top finish drying overnight and were ready to be
worked with.

When I did the project with my son, we got real
sand and glued it on foamboard to make a realistic scene. I am using
masking tape and some colored chalk on paper to give you idea and show
what it looks like and what you can do.

The number of child
projects you can use this for with are endless. You can coat these with
3D Crystal Lacquer and put them in one of those chalk balls you can make
for your child to open up or you can hide them in your yard or the sand
box for the little ones to find!!!!




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