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Letting go……

A little post for today on letting go of people in your life and accepting their behavior whichever way they choose to deal with it. Be kind for we all are fighting a battle. Being mean and nasty doesn’t help or hurt anyone but yourself. LIVE AND LET LIVE! BE BLESSED because today is all we are sure of…….HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!!!!! MANY BLESSINGS AND MUCH LOVE!!!!!!

The Fat Rises to the top….

All of you cooks out there know what that means….When you make a stew or soup and the fat congeals on top and that moment where you just scoop it out and get rid of it? That’s been my life for the past couple months. Except I am not complaining…I am actually very happy to be left with all the good yummy bits left in the stew. These are my friends. My real – true friends. The fat has all left my life and I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. It happened a few days after the last blow up and again on Monday when I went into the hospital-the crack in the head moment…. I had been sensing something for a while before all that happened a few months ago and once it did…a few days after I was…relieved…..I will never partner with anyone again. I learned my lesson hard 2 times and I will be me from now on. On Monday with Drs. and everyone scared to death I might not make it out for days…and I did so good I got to go home that day..Another realization…I was free….no negativity was holding me down like before. I had only love and support from my friends who have known me…for a very long time or just recently….know me and love me for me…..good and bad…and they wished me well and all their positiveness worked…as well as mine and my family’s.
I got home from the hospital to messages of reposts from others and blog posts that were exactly like mine days after…..and then one wise person wrote to me and said…..”Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”…..and I thought….hmmmm….instead of being angry and frustrated that someone has to copy my posts……..I will look at it as they are copying me because as the definition says— “To imitate someone is to pay the person a genuine compliment — often an unintended compliment”.—and that is what they are doing….Anger—let go….People not liking me and they don’t even know me…making comments about me by words from others…well needless to say…don’t want or need them in my life…Shows me their true character.
I am looking forward to starting my career again. To be bigger and better than I was before my soul mate/son passed. He brought me such positive energy and my Art room became our time together. When he passed he took everything with him of mine. I have become inspired as of late by people who are doing Art and getting me excited again about it. Even the ones in the beginning stages get me so excited for what they do and try!
I am a very Blessed woman. I have THE best husband in the world. The best daughter and the best friends. Friends who I would not trade for anything. I cant wait to stir my delicious stew and kiss and love and hug all my delicious bits of friends in there…and yes….that does sound creepy BAWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!

Friends….How many of us have them….Friends…..( I wont sing lol)

I have been Blessed in my life to have many friends. I have friends online that I have had relationships for years and never had issues with them. And of course I have had the vultures who were just awful people and hated themselves and took things out on me out of jealousy or hatred of themselves.
But this post is about all the wonderful people I have in my life! I am going into surgery again tomorrow and people have been so supportive. I have gotten the most awesome Random Acts of Kindness from people and the best posts and emails. How do you Thank all those people who have been there for you through all the good and bad times? How do I say to each and everyone of you that you ALL mean the world to me? That our All things Creative Group Rocks and is awesome and I am so inspired by all of you everyday? My friends who do not do Art and are just my friends… do I thank you for being you and loving and accepting me for all that I am and all I am not? I am so Blessed to be on two different design Teams for two companies that I LOVE!
I could sit here and name so many by name but then I would forget someone and feel awful! I just want to thank you all…for being my inspiration… ear to listen to me…my advice givers….my cheerleaders….my critics….MY REAL-TRUE friends…….I never could make it through all these tough times I have had in the past year and a half……..all these surgeries and medical issues…loss of my son..and the loss of me….that Thanks to all of you I am slowly finding again….I have never felt more loved and supported than I do at this point in my life….You accept me…….on bad days and never run away……It is wonderful to have such an awesome husband and daughter but you guys help complete my life….and help in ways you will never ever know…..THANK YOU—YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!! Many Blessings to you all and you ALL know I am always here for you all too!!!!!!

Brightest Blessings