MY Creative Paperclay Modeling Material Design Team Entry

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Funny, I have been using this product for years because I LOVE the texture, flexibility and air drying quality it has. Then one day I meet Terri Sproul, who is the head of the CREATIVE PAPER CLAY DESIGN TEAM! They are now holding a Design Team call and I thought…..I WOULD LOVE TO BE ON IT!!! So I made something with it to show what I can do with it and if I get the privilege to be on the team, I have so many great ideas and projects!!!!!! Here is a piece I made as a pin but then I keep going back and forth on whether I want it on a canvas!!!!! But let me show you what I did. This is the first step and I accidentally deleted the main pic of putting the clay in the molds thinking I was sending to my email.

I put the clay on a plastic texture sheet and flattened it out and the clay in a face mold. Then after it dried overnight I painted it with acrylic blue and silver paint and let it dry.


I then dry brushed the head silver and then glued down the head and broken pieces I took off back on top.

Here is the mold for gear

I added a paperclay gear to his eye and then painted it silver. I used the Amazing Mold Putty as my mold.


And lastly I added a small washer over the gear and added some chain. I want to use this as a pin but as I keep looking at it…..I might use it on a small canvas and really Steampunk it out!

Here is another project I did with the Paper clay a while ago. I whited out the background because my studio was a mess when I took the picture! But I love it and this had to be 4 years ago! It has since been sold.


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