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I have been selected to be part of the Creative Paper Clay Design Team!!! I am so honored and I have been using this product for so long and now I get to share some of my ideas and tips with all of you and show you what a wonderful product it is! We have a great group of people selected and I could not be prouder to be on this Design Team with them and see what they come up with and share too!


I want to say a few things. I have been noticing lately ALOT of bullying on the internet, not with children, but adults. I, for one have been stuck in a situation like this too. My Youtube videos being disliked, things being said behind my back, but they make sure I am blocked so I don’t see——childish stuff. Funny thing is this, for weeks before I had been meditating-trying to get the negative out of my life—-things I could not control-and I did this daily….and then all this happened and it took me a few days to realize…things don’t always come and happen to you neatly! The negative WAS gone!!! THEY WERE GONE!!! And that is when I walked away from it all as they still talked and talked about me. Here is a quick story about it….

I had two very, very close friends who apparently had a secret group hidden from me (one of these was my partner) and with in 2 months of one fight another one occurred. I was going to leave my group that I shared with her and start a new one but before I could, I was thrown out of the group I STARTED and blocked. My 16 year old daughter who had nothing to do with it was also removed and blocked. Then, people who had NOTHING to do with this got involved themselves and even spoke of my dead son! WOW-people will stoop to levels you never imagined! (and 2 of these are supposedly Wiccan/pagan/Faerie or whatever she calls herself-as I am Wiccan and Pagan and the things they did were not following our code! And don’t give me how you all know better than I- I am 42 and have been practicing since 13. you are all 10-15 yrs younger than me) They are all young and I understand that they don’t have life experience but I wonder what or how they would feel that the day they get out of the hospital, this is all done to them! And then to have my partner write me and say after it all begins…”I’m sorry I didn’t read your whole email and what it said–I was so mad and didn’t realize you didn’t say what I thought you did”….(Now let me say I loved these 2 girls like sisters and never saw this coming.) And then yell at me when HER friend talks about what went on between us in their group now and then gets mad at me for asking her to stop?  Then she goes on a mad rampage throwing anyone who had anything to do with me out of the group that was stolen from me.  Both of these people took gifts (golden and liquitex and alcohol inks and stamps and stencils and i could go on) from me, one worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars (shipping alone was 200.00) and then a couple days after she got it the first fight started and she wanted nothing to do with me…and about 2 months later this last one… would think that a normal person who doesn’t like someone and blocks and kicks them out of their life and talks about them often wouldn’t want that stuff and send it back….That’s bad karma…..But as users do…I am sure her and the other girl will keep anything I sent because they are those kind of people…what can you do for me…..not the right thing…not to mention before all of this happened, my daughter and I both NEVER received the things we  were told she had done for us from her. Oh well…..And then today I was sent her new blog post—which she hasn’t done in months…..and its just like my FB challenge, I started MONDAY! SHE STARTED WEDNESDAY — BEING GRATEFUL AND POSTING IT DAILY….WOW! I am honored to be copied!!!! I am upset because if the other girl would of stayed out of it like I asked, it wouldn’t of blown up as badly, asked her to not take sides and let it be)-but this was planned for a while I guess…I don’t know. I am a much happier person on my path now with noone holding me back or down and I know who I have in my corner and who I can trust and I have not spoken to or about them since the Thursday before Easter. No sorry or have a good life or anything.

Now for one last thing. This is about the YOUTUBE dislikes and copy-write violations and people getting followed and thumbs down and tortured by a certain individual who has left 2 names up on her blog of women who she is jealous of and says she hates but boy does she ever follow around and is a very passive aggressive person. She only has balls when people are behind her and is not a nice person. One thing my ex-friends do know about me is i would always have your back……it did not matter….whether we like each other or not…I was always there for u 2. This person is nasty and plays innocent and is all good as long as she has “her” crew around her. See….here is the funny thing…I said before-I don’t block people..come at me straight on if you have something to say. I know alot of my friends choose to be on both sides. To me there aren’t 2 sides. Its 2 different groups. But when you mess with people I care about…….I get mad……and your karma will be coming right back at you my sister………ENJOY! And I have to laugh….her fibro is so bad she cant move for months? or was she hiding…I have so many more things than you do and I don’t take it out on others or whine or can’t move….I have a bad day…..or 2 yes….but months? Gosh, seems like the fibro has calmed down enough now since you are stalking and talking alot of passive aggressive shit.

I have not spoke of this or to these people since before Easter. (this happened wed. before easter) I never posted on my blog or FB page or in my group. I left it go when I realized it was ok to. I will never be in someones life if they choose not to have me and I will not have negative people in my life or people who provoke me. I am tired of all the BS that has been said or sent to me or things said and people reposting to me whats been said. I have not spoken about anyone or to anyone since before Easter. Those who do know me, a year ago I would of freaked and tore them all apart and been a wild woman as I have been known to be. AND bringing my daughter and my dead son into this was as low as one can get, and even then I didn’t freak. But I have grown some…and have learned to wish others well and move on. I did not do anything to be treated this way from them and apparently they have pack mentality. I will support those who have supported me and have been there for me. I am worth more than to be thrown out of peoples lives as trash, not needed and then talked about by people who do not even know me.My future is bright and I have some great things happening and I could not be happier!

This will be the first and last post I write on this subject. I have not spoke about this all month and will not again. I wish all well and hope they move on and stop all this craziness. Isn’t that what you all wanted? To move on with out me? So please….go ahead. I don’t unlike your vids-don’t unlike mine…..Please grow up whoever is doing this…..If you have an issue please come tell me and quit playing anonymous games. And if you write a reply on here without your real name-it will be deleted. I don’t play that way either.

Many Blessings to you all on your journey!

Keeping Childrens Art-

Friday, April 20, 2012


Keeping Childrens Art

HI Everyone! I am so honored to be posting my very first project for the Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin Design Team. I have been using this product for a long time and love the versatility it has and how much you can think out of the box and try it….AND it works!
My first project is dear to my heart. Over the years my kids have brought home so many projects from school. This project is inspired by my daughters Tea Cup she made. I made a video but will walk you through the parts I did not record. 

First I mixed the putty together in equal parts and kinda flattened it out and then pushed the front part of cup in and let sit for 15-20 minutes to form and dry.

When it was dry I added I rolled equal parts of putty to put around the outside to make sure Resin didn’t run out too much. The fun thing is you can keep adding to it even after dry!!!!
I then mixed the Resin in equal parts and stirred for a couple minutes and poured into the mold.

It is fine if it runs out a bit because you can cut the extra bits off!!!! Now the rest I did on video which is right here to watch!  I hope you enjoy and please try these products!!!!


You will start to look at everyday things……..a whole different way!!!!! This is before Sakura Crystal Laquer!!!!  Have a great day!

And here it is with Sakura Crystal Laquer-All done! I am going to make it a pin! I love it!!!!!!