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I have been playing with these two items for weeks now and the more I play with them, the better I get (and of course, the more I buy!). New ideas just keep popping up in my mind! I make so many different things, from jewelry and mixed media art to dolls and so much more. I just love being so inspired by a new item I haven’t really used before and best of all; these items can be incorporated in all of the above!

Here are a few things I did:



First, I made the molds with Amazing Mold Putty. It is such an awesome product because I have no patience and this hardens within five minutes or less. Plus, it makes an exact copy of whatever it is you are molding.








Second, I mixed the Resin, which also is an amazing product, and poured it into my molds. It takes about 10 minutes or less to harden. The wonderful thing is that once the Resin hardens, the mold remains bendable so you can easily remove the hardened Resin.




I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and find it very hard to find items that I can work with. These products gave me no problems and were so easy on my hands!!!

Once the items were out they were ready to be played with! I used an old cameo that belonged to my grandmother. I thought it would be nice gift idea for Mother’s Day to make each of my aunts a pin replica of it as a keepsake and to wear and remember all the good memories they each had with their mother. The cameo itself is a bit worn but it still made a beautiful piece and I can’t wait to give them their gifts! I just used acrylic paints in light pink, medium pink and black and the middle a beige color. I took a bit of gold rub-n-buff around it a little bit and glossed it with 3D Crystal Lacquer. I glued a pin to back and DONE!


I also made molds for a spider, a skull and a tree for a small mixed media canvas I am working on. I love doing dark art and Amazing Putty Mold and Resin has opened a whole new world up to me! OH—AND PS…..I did not realize the mess I made the first time when I over filled, BUT I will post a pic of the spill and then show you what I do with it……SO NOTHING GETS WASTED! I really hope I get chosen for the Amazing Mold Putty and Resin Design Team!  I love this product and the ideas I have are endless!


  1. 1Emily Donovan

    Love this!

  2. 2Cyn Gagen

    Kelly I just love love love this!!! You did a great job! I need to play with this stuff now too!

  3. 3Sandra

    WOW! I am blown away by what you did!

  4. 4Roberta

    I am amazed at the quality and definition in your cast pieces. Beautiful work, Kelly xox

  5. 5Angi

    These are amazing and look like fun to make.

  6. 6Cindy Coleman

    What a thoughtful gift giving each of your aunts a cameo pin that was your mothers. Love your ideas. I have used the mold putty but have poured resign in it. I think the mold putty is the best thing…since bread, no more like cheesecake.

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