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THAT I HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR THE AMAZING MOLD PUTTY DESIGN TEAM! I am so thankful and excited and have to buy a new notebook for all the ideas I have. This stuff is so amazing. You can mold anything from a piece of jewelry or your hand or food! Thats right it is food safe! Please check out the Amazing Mold Putty Blog for all the teams posts. On my sidebar you can see the whole amazing team that is involved and our leader Terri Sproul! Keep posted for all the new projects and check the blog very often!!!!! OH and go to all of their blogs and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a post and see all their great projects!!!!!!! I am so excited and I believe you will be too when you see how this fantastic product works!!!!


HI! Hope you all are having a GREAT week! On my show on Monday I made ring and bracelet pincushions…..NOW…I have to say…I tried to take the easy way out and not baste stitch, but…..basting it is a must! lolol They came out good though and it gives you the idea of how to do them and the million and a half ideas you will have on what to do with these or make with these. They are made with recycled waterbottle and milk caps! I hope you enjoy! Here is the replay link


OK–I LOVE the Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Cast Resin so much I can’t stand it! I played with them a little more today and like in the last post, I came up with a few more things I wanted to try. On the first project I took my Goddess doll I made out of clay a while back and made a mold from it using the Amazing Mold Putty. Then I added some paint and decoration on it and finished it off with some cool fibers for the hair and body. I love the way this came out and love hanging these around my Art Room. They can even be used as necklaces to be given as gifts.

I first mixed the 2 part putty and then added my Goddess in and let it set. Then, once the Amazing Mold Putty set up with the Goddess, I removed it and mixed equal parts of the Amazing Casting Resin. I added a bit of coloring for the resin in this one.


And now for the final picture. I have not decided whether to make it a pin or a wall hanging, BUT I love it!











Now here are a few cool things–look at how the resin changes colors from clear to white as it dries within 10 minutes.

This is a quick piece I made for a Mixed Media piece I am doing. I crackled it and once it dries I’ll just have to age it a bit and it will be ready to go into the piece! I hope you all try this product! It really does ROCK!