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This is from my show where I experimented with metal tape, washers and all kinds of Home improvement store goodies! The base is aluminum foil crumpled with a black wash over it! I used a soda can and wrapped into a flower for top and some Walnut hill Metal sheets too–a little chain and a cool wall hanging!!!! You can see the show here

Becoming Brave!

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.

That is what I want to talk about today. We all have obstacles to overcome and we all have things that we want to do or wish we could do. But we all have a common thread that runs through all of these dreams and wants…FEAR! Fear alone can be debilitating and stop us from just about anything, but when you add in people’s comments, opinions and negativity, fear is increased to the point that it cripples us and eats at our soul. Why do we let that happen? Why do we allow people’s opinions or the fear of what people might think rule what our hearts and souls want us to do? We never feel good enough or important enough and we’re often left thinking that what WE want to do or say is invalid. Why do WE give them the power to control OUR lives? I say it’s time to take it back!

I want to start a revolution today of POSITIVITY! We NEED this! We need to surround ourselves with positive people, people who WANT us to succeed. The ones who encourage us and push us to step out of our boxes and comfort zones! The ones who say “YES YOU CAN.” The ones who love what we do no matter what it is…..whether it fits the norm….or not. Leave the users and ones out for themselves….they will eventually sink in their negativity because we all need love and supportive people and positivity! But, there is much more to this than just surrounding yourself with positive people. YOU have to believe it! YOU will always have people hating on you or being jealous of your success…and YOU have to be strong enough to say to yourself…. “Hey….I don’t care what you say or think….I LIKE IT….I LIKE ME!” Otherwise, no positive reinforcement will ever help you!

I have always been a misfit….I never fit in to the norm. Always honest…loud…a trucker’s mouth..I like different things than most…I never fit in my family’s dynamic…I can’t fake liking someone and I could go on and on…lol….But then I realized it all didn’t matter.. all that mattered that was that I was happy and I liked what I did and I will NEVER be what everyone thinks I should be. I now know that not everyone will like me or be happy for me……I say FUCK THEM…… If I do not look out for me and leave the negative behind I will never succeed. We all have demons to overcome. If we allow ourselves to become victims to our demons, we’re done for.

So for tonight…write down one positive thing that happened today, and one thing you would of changed today if you could do it over….start there…Then reevaluate the people in your life and what they do for your life and self esteem…………….you will be amazed at what you see……
I want my shows and videos to be of Positive Intent. To show the positive side of life through art…even if it is one thing a day….because if you look for negative, you will get way more of your share!
-I wrote this on a site I was on months ago and since it has been taken down..I think this is so important and I need to be reminded of this often!!!!