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Thank you to all who came to my show today! I feel so lucky to have you all come and say such wonderful things!!! Karen Campbell gave us the best advice on blending copics (AND Bic Markers u can blend with copic blender OR this trick) A paper stump dipped in water THEN 91% alcohol!!!!! Then Blend!!! I am thrilled to know this!!!!!!!! I love my blending Pens and now I can also use with Bic Markers too with homemade blenders?? WHOOOO HOOOOO TY KAREN! Here are supplies….If I forgot any, let me know!!!!!!!!! My replay for pt 1 and pt 2 of show is here and here

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I promised to put the supplies up
copic markers (look for 0 colorless blender)
watercolor crayons
vanish eraser
paper stub to use with 91 % alcohol
watercolor clear waterbrush

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