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When I am able to find time I love to turn old unusable things into new things. I LOVE when I find rusty items on ground or odd things I don’t exactly know what I can do with them but I want it and I have a box full of odds and ends.
Do you remember years ago when AOL would send out your complimentary CD to get AOL and it was in a box type holder? I think I got one every week. Well, I threw them away but kept 2 thinking there has to be something I can do with these! They moved with me to my new house 10 years ago and I unpacked them and still didn’t throw them away! A few months ago someone bought a necklace from me and asked for another one to be made as a commission but wanted to know if I had a cool way of presenting them. I racked my brain and thought….let me look at these boxes….I had a great idea and wanted the box to be used for other things if the child wanted to. So I talked with the buyer and gave her my idea….I told her I would show her every step of the way as I did it to make sure she was happy with it….and… SHE WAS! The pictures are self explanatory but I will give a run down on what I did. I painted the boxes with gesso. I then covered the boxes with their favorite colors using scrap book paper. I took ribbon around the edges and embellished them. I put a sheet of scrapbook paper inside and on the back put a pocket with a tag so the person could write who it was from. I put a little piece of velcro to keep it closed. She was so happy with them and the kids loved them I wished I hadn’t threw all of the others away!!! Here are some pictures!

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  1. 1Tracy Shave

    I love seeing how people upcycle everything – this is very inspiring! I keep boxes that I want to do this too but never seem to get round to it – this must STOP! 😀 Thank you for sharing. x

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