Creative Edventures Come2Chat July 11th Quick Background Technique

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This was a quick demo but one of my favorites. It is great for kids and adults and the only thing that can limit you is your imagination! You first take a foam sheet that you get at dollar store or kid section of craft store. I like the thicker ones but the thinner ones work just as well. I take a heat gun and warm it up and u can push a stamp into it. Once cooled you cover with a thin layer of paint or ink and press it on your paper or background. My other FAVORITE way is to get a ball point pen and draw on it…whatever you want! push items in it like the circled bottom of glue stick or any kind of texture you want or i just love to doodle all over it! The best thing is that you can use fabric paint or mix fabric medium into the acrylic paint and use it on muslin or cotton or any kind of fabric and design your own fabric!!!! How cool is that? I love using these sheets as layers in my Mixed Media adds such interest and on fabric—AWESOME!!! I am going to one on my Intention (Prayer Flag) that Cyn taught us!!!!! Here are a few pics and the video can be seen HERE

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  1. 1Carolynna

    bet it would work! In fact originally I was pannling on using either drop cloths or burlap but just ended up using curtains I had.My advice would just to ensure you tape everything down to prevent shifting since drop cloths have a rough texture to them. please let me see if you end up making them!

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