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Hey Everyone!!! I want to thank everyone for coming to my Come2chat on monday! It was a blast having you all and can’t wait until next Monday! On Monday I showed a few new techniques and did some more work on the Mixed Media Canvas we are doing step by step. Today I showed using clippings from magazines as our main focus in our journals.
First I will discuss the background techniques. The first one I did was a very easy one, it was a resist background using white crayon. I drew all over the blank journal page and then painted over it, sprayed with a bit of water and wiped the paint off to show the resist underneath. You can do this several times with different colors if you choose to get a really cool effect.
The next one I did was a crack effect. Cynthia had done this a while back and I loved it and wanted to reshow everyone and use it as a background. You first apply your background color and let dry. You then take white glue ( I used Elmers) and brush all over background AND while wet add your top color. It is so inexpensive, dries very quickly and results are almost instant!You can see the video here
The third one I did was a graffiti type background. I took yellow, green and blue acrylic paint and just painted all over the page. Then I took a stencil (I used a piece of scrapbook paper that is already die cut) and sprayed Tulip Fabric paint in dark purple and pink on top. It came out so cool and can be used for so many different type backgrounds. I wrote Become Brave on it. That was message for the day! We need to Become Brave in our lives and try things we want to but are afraid to do! The video is here
The Mixed Media Canvas video is here where we added papers and stamps.




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    You have the best show on there. They are lucky to have you. I’d steal you for Artsy Avenue in a second if I could!

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