LIFE…..and all its fun…… blah

LIFE…..and all its fun…… blah

Hi everyone!!!! I hope this finds you all doing well and enjoying the summer weather of 92 degrees and 100% humidity in September, like we are in NJ! It hasnt been this hot all summer!! I love summer but I have to admit I am waiting for fall and winter. Just that getting darker, snuggling in a blanket with my man and — oh who am I kidding…we have been married for almost 24 years…..snuggling with my man?? It is more like…can u move over on YOUR side LMAO! I adore my husband– he is wonderful — but sometimes I like my own space and he does too!!! We are, however, as weird as it sounds…and we are weird….SO EXCITED for our TV shows to come back on and some of the new ones as well!

Anyway…I have been absent for the summer….not around as much as I wanted to be and the next few months will not be much different. The thing is I am missing doing my art– ANY Art for that matter. I have been trying to do at least an hour a day of something artish… I used to sit here all day engulfed in art and just loving it but with Drs appts and tests and meds and….u get the point – it makes it hard. (thats what she said bawhahahah) I have been cleaning and finding paintings I have started and not finished–so now I am finishing them. I opened a new store Knittingandthings
and am adding paintings and jewelry as I make them. I have alot to fill up in the store yet, but I will get there…my hope is by the end of the month to have quite a few things to choose from.

I have been practicing more realistic faces- once I get this down and figure out an easy way to show you all how to do it-i will do a video on it. I dont think the little boy I drew was to look like a pumpkin with far apart eyes lololol I still enjoy the faces I do– folk art faces..they are so fun and little odd girls but id like to learn a little about realism.

I hope you all have a great rest of your week and are as pain free as possible and working in your journals or canvas! I have a great group on FB called ALL THINGS CREATIVE. You can friend me on FB and just let me know you want in the group. It is a very supportive-no drama group with the best people in it!!! They are so helpful and have kept it running with no issues or drama as i was a bit busy….

As always– Be kind to others as you never know what they are going thru! Many Blessings to you all!